GamrTradr introduces a gaming network where gamers can browse, buy, sell, and trade their favorite titles

GamrTradr is a network developed by gamers for gamers, devoted to creating an online community where people can buy, sell, and trade their games at fair prices.

The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace – new titles, DLCs, updates, overhauls, and recreations of iconic games are being launched almost every month, leaving thousands of gamers with dozens of outdated, uninterested content. 

Most gaming shops offer the opportunity of trade, although their fees are typically huge. Nowadays, buying and selling games became much easier and more profitable online, which paved the way for numerous digital gaming marketplaces.

GamrTradr is a UK-based gaming network that emphasizes customer satisfaction over profits, stating “We set out to make GamrTradr fair, by taking only 8% of the final sale fee, which is also less than most big auction websites. And it will be on the homepage as soon as you list it! showing it to Gamers who visit the site and they are the ones that would most likely want it.”

While buying or selling games on the GamrTradr platform includes a fixed fee (of 8%), trading between individuals is free of any charge. 

Aside from the immediacy and availability of gaming titles, all of the games on the site are categorized into platforms they operate on. 

GamrTradr is also keeping track of upcoming titles, highlighting the time before the release of popular PC, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, and Xbox games.

In addition to being a game-trading network, GamrTradr is also a console-trading marketplace. Although this feature is new, Team GamrTradr states “We are slowly adding consoles to GamrTradr and you can search for the console you want to sell and add a listing like you would a game! Can’t find the console you want to sell? Send us a message via the contact form and we will get right on it.”

More information regarding GamrTradr’s network is available on the company’s official website.

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