Competing for anti-loss hair care market, where is APHRODES’s confidence?

Nowadays,the population of hair loss is increasing at younger ages, which gives birth to a potential hair care market. “Shampoo+conditioner” can no longer satisfy people’s needs for hair maintenance. Anti-loss hair care has become a new trend.

Data shows that hair loss maintenance products have high growing rate in sales. APHRODES hair growth liquid is coming out recently, becoming another functional product after shampoo and hair mask. In the hair care market where major brands compete, where is the confidence of this niche brand from South Korea?

Focus on the research and development of functional hair care products

An online search for hair loss shampoos will reveal products from many well-known brands. Hair care products with patented scientific and technological components have become the first choice in the fierce market competition.

APHRODES focuses on the research and development of functional care products, advocates scientific and healthy hair care. It was upgraded heavily to adjust the principle of microecological skin care, advocate the concept of balanced maintenance, effectively inhibit hair loss and improve the skin condition of scalp surface in 2021. APHRODES shampoo won “The Most Influential Brand” award of Korean brand reward and care category, get the highest honor in the industry in 2020!

Inspired by Korean culture, probiotics help scalp microecology

Under the influence of Korean diet and culture, APHRODES is inspired by the concept of microecological skin care,applies the principle of effectively balancing skin microecology to hair care, advocating scientific, healthy and balanced maintenance, and establishing correct scalp health management awareness. It not only inherits the Korean health culture of “balance and health”, but also brings forth new ideas in traditional culture.

Be confident and start from scratch

Our brand will bring positive spiritual effects to consumers. Young people need more self-confidence to face life. External image is important. APHRODES is specially created for contemporary young people’s personality, with the slogan of “Be confident and start from scratch” to help young people improve their value and self-confidence.

Aphrodes shampoo was well received by consumers, launched the same concept of probiotics nourishing hair membrane, provides double care and nutrition for hair. Now the new product of hair growth liquid aimed to solve the problem of hair loss people, as long as lightly applied on the hair growth parts.

Hair loss prevention and hair growth will become a trend in the future. It remains to be seen how APHRODES develop under the huge market demand.

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