Foremost IRA Real Estate to Occupy consultants, Lasaii Benefits is setting up retirees with its SAFE-HARBOR® Directed IRA™ program.

Lasaii Benefits is a leading IRA Real Estate to Occupy consultants that help people close to retirement, retired, or those with inherited IRA’s multiply their IRA funds with their SAFE-HARBOR® Directed IRA™.

Founded in 1992, the company, a flourishing family-owned business, operates by directing its clients to purchase or build real estate that they can personally use and/or create an additional income from so that they can have more flexibility in their retirement and create more certainty and security for their families as they leave a larger and more impactful legacy.

Press coverage of real estate purchases within the better-known Self Directed IRA format often misleads the public into believing there is no legal way they may personally use a property that has been purchased with the assistance of their IRA. That couldn’t be further from the truth as Lasaii Benefits have been successfully structuring IRA Real Estate to Occupy since 1992. The company has been gradually building the credibility necessary to turn their brand into one of the most recognized innovative companies in the financial sector.

Speaking about their services, the company founder, Alberto Flores-Uranga, said: ””Our program is for people who believe in using their IRA, or a portion of it, to help purchase Real Estate for personal use and/or to create income.  We focus on people who want the safety and flexibility of their IRA account.  If you qualify, by implementing our program, we will help you reach your Real Estate goals.”

Alberto Flores-Uranga first created this program in 1992 while working as a Series 7 Financial Advisor. Years of research resulted in the IRA Real Estate to Occupy program that he developed twenty-nine years ago to satisfy his client’s wishes.  Since then, Lasaii Benefits has helped hundreds of clients in thirty-seven states and four countries.

Continuing, Alberto said: “Let us guide you. As I like to say, your ship (IRA) is safe in our harbor. Our proprietary program allows growth, protection, flexibility, occupancy and an investment in real estate. We have hundreds of clients in thirty-seven states and four countries including Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico.”

The key difference between Lasaii Benefits’ program and other IRA investment programs is that the TITLE OF THE REAL ESTATE IS IN THE CLIENT’S NAME — not in the name of the IRA. With the company’s program, there are no prohibited transactions so clients and their families can personally use and enjoy their real estate. Lasaii Benefits’ clients have:

  • Financial freedom now and in retirement
  • Peace of mind with the protection of their hard-earned retirement money
  • An elevated lifestyle by being able to personally use and create income from their real estate investment-beach houses in choice locations.
  • Satisfaction of saving money with a tax-effective investment. (*If you qualify).
  • Lasting memories with their families
  • Protected financial security.

The company’s incredible services have seen them land a glowing review from Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, describing Lasaii Benefits as ”SHEER BRILLIANCE FOR THE RIGHT INVESTOR!”

Furthermore, clients of the company have nothing but praise for their impeccable services. “I have successfully enrolled in and utilized Lasaii’s Safe Harbor IRA to purchase two pieces of real estate (one a business condominium, the other the construction of a single-family residence in Sun Valley, ID) over the past several years. Lasaii, with Mr. Uranga directing all the financial aspects of the transactions, has been seamless and extremely dependable in all regards. They have coordinated all of the investment paperwork and worked with all “third parties” without fail. When questions arose, including those related to taxation, payments and distribution, they took care of matters promptly and successfully. I would recommend Lasaii for anyone that is interested in benefiting from this type of IRA investment.” – Elliot M.

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