Why Do People Need to Choose Natural Skincare

Understand the drastic benefits of choosing natural and organic skin care products, like Y Not’s Australian Emu Oil range, to heal skin and boost overall wellbeing.

The beauty world is booming, as people around the world are finally placing more importance in taking care of themselves and having a regular skin regimen.

This is all great news for our overall wellbeing, but as interest in skincare peaks, people are also faced with something called choice overwhelm.

Which daily moisturiser do people pick when there are hundreds of new products on the market, all promising to revolutionise their skin, eradicate signs of ageing and give them eternal youth? Should people be using retinol, acids or a different hyped-up ingredient?

There’s way too much noise out there and it can get difficult to cut through and pick the best products, given the current saturation in the market. But the answer is a lot more straight-forward than people think: People need to be looking for natural, chemical-free products that will deliver results without causing any longterm harm to you or the environment.

Going natural transcends hype and trends. Instead, it should be a conscious lifestyle choice to ensure they are the healthiest version of themselves.

Everyone knows that they need to watch what they are eating and avoid overly processed or artificial foods to safeguard their body’s health. The same attitude should be applied to skincare, as a beauty product’s ingredients can also be absorbed into our bodies and influence how we function.

This is the approach Y Not has employed from day one, with its use of all-natural ingredients like the now-signature Australian Emu Oil, derived from the fat of free range Emu Birds and delivered in its purest form.

“We see ourselves as cooks, creating natural recipes with beneficial ingredients to deliver nutritious food for your skin,” said Mervin Anderson, the company’s founder.

When a product is natural and free from harsh chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide, found in many mainstream products, people are also guaranteed to avoid skin irritation, dryness or redness – which would mean having to buy more product, undertake more expensive treatments and generally stress your skin out.

Instead, natural alternatives are gentler on the skin and still deliver the results – no matter what people’s concerns or goals might be.

For instance, people can use the Australian Emu Oil Revitalising Eye Cream to target wrinkles in the area by taking advantage of its high concentration of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, as well as its chemical-free SPF formula that helps you prevent further sun damage.

If deep moisture is the goal, people could turn to the Jillaroo range which contains Kakadu extracts, an Australian super fruit that offers one of the most potent natural sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants. As a result, people get deep hydration, collagen stimulation and puffiness reduction with nothing but a pea-sized amount.

Another important benefit of choosing natural? People can have a clear conscience that their consumption habits are not adding to the urgent environmental crisis our planet is facing.

Synthetic products contain chemicals and perfumes that pollute the air when released into the environment and during their manufacturing process, not to mention that these products are most often tested on animals. Organic products on the other hand are cruelty free – Y Not’s products are all certified as PETA cruelty-free – and the natural extraction processes of organic ingredients means the environmental impact is far lower.

When safety for planet, animals and your own wellbeing is guaranteed, going natural is clearly a no-brainer.

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