Top Tier Safety Supplies and Top Tier Group Reach East Asia, Acquire a New Factory

Ontario-based global conglomerate Top Tier Group and its subsidiary company Top Tier Safety Supplies have acquired a new factory in East Asia. This latest expansion is a part of Top Tier’s plan to expand and operate overseas. 

The new factory acquired in Thailand will be one of the several factories that the company plans to open in the future in East Asia.

We are delighted to acquire a new factory and expand the Group’s operations”, says Michael Theodorou, founder of Top Tier Group. He further added, “This is not only an opportunity to generate more jobs in that area, but it also allows us to meet the growing needs of the Asian Market with our innovation and expertise.”

East Asia is quickly becoming the latest business hub and is slated to see rapid economic growth in the future. It offers abundant opportunities for market entrants from abroad and local businesses. The rise in the purchasing power of the urban consumer base will boost private consumption, making it the perfect destination for global enterprises like Top Tier Group to establish its footprint.  

Top Tier Group is a leading international exporter and product supplier in multiple markets. With constant innovation, the company strives to provide high quality, low cost, and innovative products and services. It has five subsidiaries that provide innovative solutions ranging from the high-end storage facility to global air freight services. One of its subsidiaries, Top Tier Safety Supplies was started during the COVID-19 pandemic to import and distribute quality health and medical supplies like nitrile gloves, gowns, hand sanitizers, etc., across Canada.   

Acquiring the new factory is going to be profitable in the long run. A factory in East Asia will lower the cost of labour, eventually reducing the overall manufacturing cost. Top Tier Safety Supplies and Top Tier Group are looking forward to this new experience which promises to be fruitful and lasting.

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Top Tier Group of Companies is a worldwide conglomerate which is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Michael Theodorou, Top Tier offers a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective innovative products and services in multiple markets. As a global enterprise, the company’s goal is to transform lives and build a better tomorrow.

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