Canadian Global Conglomerate Turns Adversity into an Opportunity, Achieves Success Amidst the Pandemic

The Top Tier Group is an international exporter and product supplier located in Ontario, Canada. Started as a logistics and distribution company, Top Tier Group has ventured into other innovative services to serve the people of North America. Since its inception, the brand has grown exponentially and today, it is a leader in multiple markets.

The global pandemic posed a new challenge for the experts at Top Tier Group. The challenge was how they can stay relevant and play a more valuable role in their customers’ lives under the current circumstances. After much deliberation, the global enterprise decided to make health and safety supplies more accessible especially to the countries that were badly hit by the pandemic. In order to do that, the company launched Top Tier Safety Supplies – the medical supplies arm, to help countries worldwide to fight the pandemic. 

Founded last year, Top Tier Safety Supplies is the direct link to the necessary health and medical supplies for retailers, businesses, and people all over the world. The company imports and distributes medical supplies, medical equipment, safety supplies, and health care products. It focuses on getting necessary items like PPEs to countries across the globe. Moreover, it leverages the group’s global presence and the services of its subsidiary company Top Tier Moving to reach as many countries as possible.

“For us, true success comes from serving the people. This is exactly why we launched Top Tier Safety Supplies”, said a spokesperson from Top Tier.

Top Tier Group is a true industry leader which strives every day to make lives better.  It’s no surprise that the global enterprise will be at the forefront of combating the pandemic. Top Tier Safety Supplies is in line with the group’s vision of being dedicated to serving the people. It provides a range of quality medical and health supplies at a competitive price. Over 200,000 health care products are available for sale on its website. From nitrile gloves to gowns to hand sanitizers, one will find the best prices and the top brands.

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Top Tier Group of Companies is a worldwide conglomerate which is headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Michael Theodorou, Top Tier offers a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective innovative products and services in multiple markets. As a global enterprise, the company’s goal is to transform lives and build a better tomorrow.

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