EZ Lineup Announces Partnership with ORHMA to Provide Creative Solution for Hospitality Industry as Ontario moves to Phase 2 of its Reopening Plan

The partnership between EZ Lineup and the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) will provide members with a 90-day free solution to manage queues and maintain contact tracing information, allowing them to reopen and operate safely

EZ Lineup, an Ontario-based queue management solution company, has announced its partnership with ORHMA, the largest provincial hospitality association with 4,000+ members representing 11,000 establishments in Canada. EZ Lineup and ORHMA will work together to assist ORHMA members in reopening safely ahead of Phase 2 of the Province’s reopening plan.

The restaurant industry in Ontario is badly affected because of the outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown initiated to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, many restaurants went out of business during the last year, while others had to adapt to modified operating procedures to survive. Restaurants are required to follow regulations to remain compliant with Ontario’s 3 stage reopening plan.

In keeping with government regulations and helping businesses manage their customers and operate safely, EZ Lineup was developed as a virtual queue management solution to assist the industry in their operation while complying with the government’s capacity guidelines. The solution eliminates physical interactions by offering contactless queue registrations using QR Code, SMS, or weblink.

“One small silver lining of the pandemic is that it has given rise to some creative solutions for long-standing process hurdles. Waiting lists and lineups have always been a manual process fraught with challenges and often frustrating to guests. We are extremely pleased to have partnered with EZLineup, a system that finally provides an effective replacement for manual waitlists and allows your operation to benefit from an efficient, flexible, and customer-friendly tool that helps support social distancing.” ORHMA President/CEO Tony Elenis said.

Through the EZ Lineup solution, customers can wait remotely and get real-time updates and notifications. For restaurants, they would not have to deal with crowds in their waiting halls since they can use EZ Lineup to contact customers when they are ready for them and give them the ability to request additional time if needed. “No one likes wasting time in crowded lines. We wanted to make a solution that would take the frustration out of waiting in lines and provide a safe environment for everyone,” said President Ayesha Gul. “We are honoured to partner with ORHMA to help restaurants operate safely to help the struggling industry,” she added. By partnering with ORHMA, EZ Lineup will serve over 4,000 members of the association which covers 11,000+ establishments in Canada. Members of ORHMA will enjoy the EZ Lineup solution exclusively at no cost for 90 days.

Another important feature of the EZ Lineup solution is the provision of COVID screening and contact tracing reports which would further help businesses meet government requirements. EZ Lineup is also offering free extended period trials, and their prices are tailored to meet the needs of struggling businesses post-COVID-19.

To enjoy a demo and free trial of the EZ Lineup solution, please visit https://www.ezlineup.com/demo.htm. EZ Lineup is a web-based solution, and there is no need to download an app to use it. For more information, log on to https://www.ezlineup.com/.

About EZ Lineup

EZ Lineup is a cloud-based management solution designed to help restaurants eliminate crowded waiting halls and safely take care of their customers while keeping government COVID-19 regulations. With EZ Lineup, restaurants would manage their customers without physical interactions, and they would notify customers when it is their turn to be served.

To learn more, visit https://www.ezlineup.com/solution.htm.


The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is the largest provincial hospitality association in Canada. It boasts of 4,000+ members and over 11,000 establishments in Canada. For more information, please visit www.orhma.com

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