Paprika Qatar is boosting its menu with the new Indomie Chicken Burger

Paprika Qatar is boosting its menu with the new Indomie Chicken Burger

“Paprika Qatar is boosting its menu with the new Indomie Chicken Burger”
Paprika has accustomed its customers to new releases from time to time. Out of all recent releases, Indomie Chicken Burger is considered a hit in the food industry all over Qatar. If you haven’t tried the new release of Indomie Chicken Burger yet, hurry up to catch up with the tastiest and most delicious burger ever.

There are undoubtedly many talented chefs all over the globe, some of them represents the gastronomy of their country of origins and others specialize the cuisine of another culture apart from their own. But Chef George Ghrayeb, one of the most iconic Lebanese chef, has broken the previous rule. Inspired by both American and Arab dishes, chef George creates a sweat combination between both palates in an impressive form in his famous restaurant, Paprika.

Of all the top chefs in the Middle East, Chef George Ghrayeb is the only one who has accustomed his customers to new releases from time to time. Recently, he has launched new items, which hits Qatar’s food industry, to Paprika’s menu. Of all the new releases, Indomie Chicken Burger is ranked up one of the top and best burger meals ever by all Paprika’s customer. Being part of Arab Gulf, chef George Ghrayeb wanted to create something new and special at the same time.

When it comes to Arab Gulf, the first thing that hits someone’s mind is “Indomie”. Out pf this concept, and for the reason that “Indomie” is one of the top meals for Arab Gulf’s citizens, Chef George Ghrayeb has recently invented a genius dish that incorporates the Indomie into the latest burger creation which best fits the Gulf region. Here comes the Hit Meal “Indomie Chicken Burger” which has grabbed the attention of all customers.

This new edition of burger is made up of marinated chicken, seasoning flavors, Asian flavors along with chef George Ghrayeb’s artistic touch. This combination between the pre-mentioned ingredients ended up in such a new special creation. People all over Qatar and the Arab Gulf are going crazy over this new edition of Indomie Chicken Burger, which has been on top best seller list.

If you missed up the top new meal from Paprika, you can easily catch it up on by surfing paprika’s link, or you can even visit one of Paprika’s branches in Qatar.

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