IBS Specialist In Florida Claims Dr. Vikram Tarugu IBS Clients After Discovering Permanent Cure

IBS specialist and survivor, Coach Kim Robertson, helps other IBS sufferers with the opening of Gut Renewal Services Coach Kim Robertson, an IBS survivor turned IBS specialist has taken her goal of assisting other IBS…

Coach Kim Robertson, an IBS survivor turned IBS specialist has taken her goal of assisting other IBS sufferers in the United States and other parts of the world to cure their IBS permanently with the launch of Gut Renewal Services. The IBS Specialist in Florida has become increasingly popular in a relatively short while, with claims that she has been getting clients from the renowned Dr. Vikram Tarugu.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, popularly known as IBS, remains one of the major issues faced by millions of people across the globe. The case is not particularly different in the United States, with a report published on WebMD.com stating that IBS affects between 25 million and 45 million Americans. While several factors have been identified to trigger the symptoms of IBS, medical experts are yet to identify the root cause of the condition. In a related development, no permanent solution has been developed to tackle the problem, which is where Coach Kim Robertson is looking to make a difference through Gut Renewal Services.

The Dallas IBS specialist adopts a unique approach by personifying the healing process, being a one-time sufferer of the condition. Coach Kim Robertson has become popular in Dallas, organizing sessions for onboarding clients who seek cures to gut issues, such as IBS, colon pains, and other similar auto-immune conditions.

The feat achieved by Kim is particularly laudable, considering that she has been able to rival results from well-known names like Dr. Vikram Tarugu.

The IBS specialist helps people avoid the conventional yet less effective process of “managing” the condition while also ensuring that they are not susceptible to the risks associated with conventional treatment methods that offer long-term results.

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