Tony Carlucci – Releases Great Sinatra Tribute Album – Fly Me To The Moon

Tony Carlucci pays homage to Ol’ Blue Eyes through his great tribute album, ‘Fly Me To The Moon.’ It’s a collection of Frank Sinatra greatest hits and a few of his more less popular tunes that have built a strong cult following over the years. Each and every song is imbued with a genuine force of humanity; Carlucci does well to embody the self-assured stylings of the original King of Swing while preserving the modern sensibilities that give him an edge over his fellow Sinatra cover artists.

The album offers a little something for everyone; from high-tempo tracks that will get the feet moving to gentler pieces that’ll stir the emotions and slide you back through memory lane. Carlucci has painstakingly handpicked compositions that not only reflect the breadth and quality of Sinatra’s body of work but those that allow him to shine as a vocal artist and performer. Tracks like ‘That’s Life’ ‘My Way’ ‘New York,’ and the titular Fly Me to the Moon are worth the price of admission alone, with some of the more lesser-known tunes functioning as a vehicle for Carlucci’s wily, smooth affectations.

He has no qualms about going full Swoonatra in the respective music videos. For example, in the video for ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin,’ Carlucci sports the complete Sinatra get-up, with the glitter-laden velvet suit and the classy 70s’ lighting, and disappears into his musical personal inside out. The backing band does wonders with their jazz and swing-driven production, keeping in line with Sinatra’s rhythms and idiosyncrasies every step of the way.

Another interesting point is that the title ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ is dedicated to commemorate and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, in honor of when man first landed on the moon.

From a purely auditory standpoint, Carlucci couldn’t have done a more remarkable job at personifying his idol. Whether it’s the vocal choices, the instrumental arrangement, or his fabulous spirit, Carlucci hits the nail on the head — he is able to present his fondness for Sinatra without missing a beat. Those who have been longing to jam to Sinatra’s tracks wholeheartedly will have found a champion in Tony Carlucci’s latest album — a scintillating collection of sound that does swing some real justice.


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