Plan Wise Helps Pre-Retirees and Retirees Plan with Social Security in the Picture

The team at Plan Wise helps clients see how Social Security integrates with retirement planning.

Planning for retirement is no easy feat, but the team at Plan Wise is helping clients across the country to more seamlessly plan for their retirement years by seeing how Social Security benefits can integrate with their retirement plan.

There are many ways in which one might go about their retirement planning strategy, but typically, one of the first steps is learning how and when one can apply for Social Security benefits. Once this detail is known, then that part of the strategy can be integrated with the rest of the retirement income plan. Statistics show that approximately nine out of ten people ages 65 and over are receiving Social Security benefits, and these benefits are the biggest source of income for most of the elderly population. It’s critical that people know where they stand in term of their Social Security benefits.

That’s where the team at Plan Wise comes in. Their national network of financial professionals are committed to helping those on the brink of retirement as well as those already in their retirement years to get the most from their financial resources. They do this by way of leading edge client education, world class software for planning, and a full retirement income plan. In fact, one of their most in-demand resources they offer is a free retirement planning report that includes a Social Security optimization strategy to help clients get the most from their benefits. Other features of the report include details on how to protect assets from volatility, how taxes can make an impact on retirement, and much more.

“Thank you for the report,” said a recent client. “I took advantage of this offer and it showed me exactly what I was looking for. I know how and when to claim my Social Security, exactly what income I can expect, and I even know when I can buy my RV! Thanks Plan Wise!”

Social Security can be one of the most difficult aspects of retirement to navigate, especially for someone who is new to the concept. Getting benefits set up can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to knowing the right time to do so. The team at Plan Wise is excited to help people across the United States begin putting their Social Security benefits to use at the right time through their free report, which is available now upon request.

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