Creative Biolabs Provides One-stop Solutions for Single-domain Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs is a conscientious biotechnology contract research organization keeping outputting technology support and high-standard products associated with single-domain antibody (sdAb) to support the research on diseases and new drugs globally.

New York, USA – June 29, 2021 – Compared with the conventional antibody, sdAb presents great advantages in biological therapeutics and diagnostics development. Facing this powerful tool, Creative Biolabs has established high-end technology platforms serving one-stop development services of various sdAb candidates for pre-clinical research applications.

One featured solution is using the novel MUsdAb™ platform to develop the multivalent single domain antibody that has smaller size, higher permeability, and perfect stability, presenting more therapeutic potentials than the scFv/Fab/IgG-based bispecific antibodies (bsAbs). Through the integration of a sdaAb with various antibody fragments, Fc fragments, or other components, specific multivalent sdAbs can be designed without compromising the original binding affinity to the target.

Custom naïve sdAb library gives support to clients who meet the challenges in sdAb development, in which the sdAb gene repertoire applied generally composes antibody fragments from natural, unimmunized, and healthy sources of individuals, presenting advantages when selecting sdAbs against a wide range of antigens.

Llama antibody humanization is still a prerequisite before therapeutic sdAb drug candidates enter the clinical stages because of the immunogenicity resulting from non-human origin. To solve such problems, technicians at Creative Biolabs built the HuSdL™ humanization platform to cut down the immunogenicity of a sdAb candidate meanwhile keeping its specificity and affinity, thereby avoiding immunogenicity associated problems in clinical. “With this platform, several features and calculated biophysical properties of sdAb can be predicted, including conserved amino acid residues in antibody structures, antigenic sites, and structural properties,” said a technician.

Apart from the above-mentioned services and platforms to support custom individualized solutions, Creative Biolabs has in-stock single-domain antibody products that are readily available for global shipment, including recombinant sdAb, polyclonal antibody, secondary antibody, secondary sdAb, TAG sdAb, and control sdAb.

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As one of the well-recognized biotech contract research organizations (CROs), Creative Biolabs always sticks to the customer-first principle and goal-oriented philosophy to serve international clients. The well-trained scientists can work closely with the partners and customers for the customized proposal to meet the special project requirements with quality and within the timeline. Creative Biolabs is pleased to use extensive experience and advanced platforms to offer the best services and the most qualified products to satisfy each client’s demands.

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