Chuangyang Culture uses BlackMagic design equipment to provide live broadcast technical support for Tomford

Chuangyang Culture, a Chinese short video and live broadcast enterprise, chose to use BlackMagic design equipment to provide live broadcast technical support for the top international cosmetics brand Tomford. In Alibaba’s live broadcast platform, it has achieved more excellent picture quality and stable live broadcast service up to 12 hours per day with ultra-low bit rate.  

Chuangyang Culture, located in Shanghai, China, entered the live broadcast industry as early as 2016 and won the PGC Most Popular Program Award from Taobao Live in 2018. The company’s technical team has a wealth of live broadcast technical capabilities. It has proposed unique and practical technical solutions in various fields such as advanced customized live broadcast and e-sports live broadcast.

The production team used BlackMagic design’s URSA Broadcast device, Canon professional servo lens, BlackMagic design4K studio switcher, and other BlackMagic device to complete more than 1,500 hours of live broadcasting, with an average daily live time of more than 12 hours.

Face with a relatively low bit rate, around 1.5Mbps-the production team minimized the scene’s complexity and used more lights to create a more advanced texture for the brand. Use the excellent color science provided by the URSA Broadcast device to achieve a better texture. The production team also used independently produced 3Dlut to ensure that each lipstick’s color was authentic. Canon professional servo lens provides excellent operability, which can achieve precise zoom and focus faster, and meet the requirements of fast-paced webcasting.

In addition to meeting regular production needs, the production team also provided broadcast room services for many famous artists.

The production team said that excellent color science was the main reason for choosing the device. Additionally, during the 1,500-hour live broadcast, everyone was impressed by the stable performance it delivered. In addition, the analysis and planning of the sub-shots of all the live broadcast rooms also help the brand’s live broadcast rooms to succeed in a simplified way.

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