Hollyland’s Streamix M1: Six-Channel Streaming Ready for the Return of Live Events

With support for five video feeds, WiFi, and support for 1080P HD video the Streamix M1 is ready to be your partner in the return of live events

Shenzhen, China – June 29, 2021 – As the world re-opens and live events return, Hollyland’s Streamix M1 is your go-to choice for an easy-to-use, portable, and reliable switcher that can provide event directors up six video sources for their stream at stunning 1080P HD all the while providing connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet.

Simultaneous Switching Between Six Video Sources

With the Streamix M1, you can capture any angle of your event with support for up to six video sources. You also don’t need to worry about support for specific cameras as the Streamix M1 has you covered with 2 SDI, 2 HDMI, 1 RJ45 connectors, plus support for streaming via mobile phone cameras through the Streamix app. The Streamix M1 also supports controlling PTZ cameras via RJ45, giving a new layer of dynamic real-time creative capabilities to the event director.

This means you can capture all the excitement and action of a sports event or have cameras on all the speakers at a panel during a conference without worrying about re-positioning cameras.

RTMP Support: Any Platform Works!

These days there are so many new streaming platforms with new ones launching all the time. If you stream on the wrong platform you might miss your audience who prefers to watch their content elsewhere.

The Streamix M1 supports any RTMP-supported platform, meaning you can stream up to three platforms simultaneously: Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any of the other hundreds of platforms that support the RTMP protocol.

With just a single click, your event gets to be streamed to various platforms, putting the world’s eyes on your showcase no matter the audience’s preferred platform.

Wired and Wireless Connections for Buttersmooth Streaming

Sometimes you need to be flexible with connectivity, as live events that happen in the field or other venues might not be perfectly set up to allow you to connect to the web.

This isn’t a problem for the Streamix M1. Support for both wired and wireless connections, the Streamix M1 will allow you to connect to the web and stream your event no matter your location.

Sometimes connections from remote locations aren’t as perfectly reliable as those from a studio, so the Streamix M1 supports multiple video bitrate options that can be tweaked according to the available bandwidth and desired resolution.

Intelligent Power Outage Protection and 256GB of RAM

Bandwidth isn’t the only issue in the field. Power can sometimes be a problem too. In order to protect against corrupted files from an interrupted power supply, the Streamix M1 has intelligent power outage protection, which allows the files to save properly and the system to do a clean shutdown in order to preserve their integrity.

In addition, the Streamix M1 has 256 GB of RAM on board that allows you to record the ongoing live program while displaying saved videos on the program feed. This is useful when the director needs to cut away to a commercial or other public service announcement and resume the live program with a slight delay.

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Where to buy:

Hollyland Streamix M1 will be available at Full Compass at MSRP USD 2,999 ex. VAT.

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