Trailblazer Speaker Jacqueline Shaulis captivates Global audiences with her Be AWESOME approach

“You Are Enough! To Be AWESOME” Says Powerhouse Speaker: Jacqueline Shaulis

When you bring two of the arguably World’s Greatest Oratorical juggernauts under one virtual roof for 3 EPIC Days—Inspiration and Sparks will FLY!

Dr. Cheryl Wood and Living Legend Les Brown have partnered to create an atmosphere to inspire, encourage, and propel men and women into their greater. In true servant-leadership fashion, they have collaborated with trailblazers from all over the world to provide unique experiences and insights to a global audience.

The You Are Enough! Stage welcomes Jacqueline Shaulis as one of those Trailblazing Speakers.

Jacqueline Shaulis’ keynote talk is entitled:

You Are Enough to Be AWESOME

3 Focal points from the Powerhouse “Excitable Introvert” are:

Yes sis, you can be influential, impactful, AND introverted because you are already AWESOME!

Your life is a lesson: live a legacy-minded life

Your introversion is your strength: you influence because you are introverted, not despite it

We need your AWESOME: in a world of constant movement, noise, and change, we need your stillness, steadfastness, and insights

Embracing your AWESOME is more than simply helping introverted women to communicate more effectively and confidently. Many women introverts have a vision of themselves that is vibrant, joyous, engaging, and ambitious, but they hate the process of “peopling.” Jacqueline helps those women bridge the gap between their now and their next while staying authentic by sharing their Amazing Works of Expression Serving Others with Maximum Enjoyment™. More importantly, she guides them to put words to the messages they want to convey and the strategy to make the influential person they envision a reality. She states “When we introverts direct our inward energy outward, we create a ripple effect of change that transforms people, communities, and our world.”

More on Jacqueline Shaulis

As “The Excitable Introvert”, Jacqueline Shaulis guides introverted women to get seen, heard, and respected by embracing their AWESOME! From her challenging but accomplished upbringing, Jacqueline blossomed into an international speaker and global bestselling author with decades of communication and personal leadership experience. Known for her “energy, enthusiasm, and flair”, Fortune 500 corporations and notable organizations trust Jacqueline’s practical strategies, entertaining stories, and dash of woo to equip their audiences to co-create lives of influence, service, and joy while causing a ripple effect of positive change. Jacqueline has wowed audiences in nearly 20 countries and across numerous media outlets, including Forbes, Doctor Oz, International Business Times, Romper, and NerdWallet.

Get Social—Connect with Jacqueline online: and across the social media-verse at @JKShaulis.

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