Powerhouse speaker Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW shows audiences how to create ‘A Love Bomb Relationship.’

“You Are Enough for A Love Bomb Relationship” Says Powerhouse Speaker: Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW

When you bring arguably two of the World’s Greatest Oratorical juggernauts under one virtual roof for 3 EPIC Days – Inspiration and Sparks will FLY!

Dr. Cheryl Wood and Living Legend Les Brown have partnered to create an atmosphere to inspire, encourage, and propel men and women into their greater selves.  In true servant-leadership fashion they have collaborated with trailblazers from all over the world to provide unique experiences and insights to a global audience.

The You Are Enough Conference!

Stage Welcomes Relationship Rejuvenator

Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW as one of those Trailblazing Speakers.

Using her Healthy Love Formula (L.U.V.) Montrella taught people from a global audience how to renew their faith in love to have the romantic relationships they deserve and desire!

The L stands for Letting Go. 

This starts with past hurts and traumas that have been experienced. When left unchecked; Montrella  states that “trauma truly will have us believe lies about who we are, such as I am not worthy of love or I am not good enough. Being an assault survivor of an intimate nature, I know that this is much easier said than done.” She recommends releasing the victim identity and starting your healing journey to embrace your authenticity TODAY!

The letter U stands for Unlock Your Heart. She believes this is the key to unleashing forgiveness. Because, when we don’t forgive, according to Montrella, we are walking around with our own energy balled into a knot, which hinders us from manifesting a healthy love life.

The V stands for Visualize. 

Growth and change start with a clear mental picture and underlying belief before they’re manifested in reality. Bob Proctor, one of Montrella’s personal mentors, said, “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

Montrella is quoted saying, “The struggle is real, but you don’t need to struggle in love. It’s time to break through that tough outer shell and learn to find comfort and confidence in your womanhood, vulnerability and humanity. After all, you deserve a bomb relationship too!”

More on Montrella Cowan

Montrella Cowan is a licensed therapist and the CEO of Affinity Health Affairs, a private therapy and life coaching practice that teaches women, men, and youth practical tools to overcome adversity and “step into their greatness!” She is the creator of online courses, including Healthy Love Formula: Black Women Transforming Their Relationship Destiny. She is also the author of several publications, including the international bestseller The Purse: An Essential Guide to Healthy Relationships.

If you’re ready to smash the past and co-create your future, Montrella can show you how. Visit Montrella at https://Affinity411.com and take your Love Fitness Quiz there.

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