iblock.one promotes the rapid development of global blockchain technology industry

It is understood that Aisin iblock.one is a blockchain financial services platform by senior Internet finance, insurance, trading, blockchain team to build, set asset management, decentralized digital asset lending, digital asset financial services in one.

Founded in 2017,Aisin iblock.one is a financial services business that provides a foundation for Southeast Asian institutions. Based in Singapore,  iblock.one is the world’s leading integrated service platform for mining and mining machine leasing. Mining is based on blockchain technology, through the underlying mining machine computing power to calculate, the blockchain network of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other transaction transfer information is recorded and packaged, so as to obtain the corresponding digital asset return process. Aisin has built several large-scale mines around the world, with a power supply capacity of 600MW, which can support 400,000 mining machines to start mining at the same time. With its excellent technology and operations team, Aisin iblock.one scale management advantages, to help users around the world to achieve digital currency asset allocation and value-added. With the Aisin iblock.one hash Power Cloud service, miners can easily mine online without having to buy heavy assets from the miner, and can easily mine online simply by purchasing hash power on their mobile phones or PCs.

What does Aisin hash power iblock.one bring to the development of blockchain?

Aisin iblock.one promotes the technological revolution in digital financial assets through advanced financial technology technologies and tools such as blockchain, cloud management and computing, and big data management. Aisin’s iblock.one believes that decentralization will revolutionize the way humans cooperate and organize, and that the platform will always support the development and landing of blockchain technology, so that more people understand and understand blockchain technology and crypto assets, improve people’s awareness of cryptocurrencies, and thus promote social equity.

How the agency works with Aisin iblock.one

Aisin iblock.one is currently receiving investment from a number of venture capital institutions in Singapore and North America, and has an advanced CRM management system, institutions or channel users can apply for agents on the platform, to carry out cooperation with iblock.one, you can always understand and manage customers;

Aisin hash power iblock.one provides institutional users with a platform for future cyclically high returns on digital assets, resulting in a good asset allocation for private domain traffic.

After a bumper harvest of mining in 2020, mining investment in 2021 will undoubtedly be one of the most promising directions for investment return. How to help ordinary users safely and efficiently participate in the sharing of mining dividends is also an opportunity for blockchain cloud computing platforms such as iblock.one.

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