BLUEFEEL’S Premium Object Vacuum Montanc Has Been Launched in the US

Bluefeel, a startup company that spin-off from Samsung Electronics’ in-house Venture, aims to provide an all-new appliance experience by refreshingly addressing the inconvenience of already familiar Red Ocean Products.

Since their main purpose is to eliminate existing inconveniences in daily lives, they have come up with an idea to be able to clean up the dirty spot fast. Urban lifestyle has changed life’s pace, making it more concentrated on jobs and outside activities. Therefore, the traditional ways of living and managing home businesses couldn’t overcome the influence. 

To keep up with the modern changes, they have invented their best portable vacuum cleaner so far. The main goals were to make it lightweight, powerful, and convenient for long usage all combined under a sleek design.

Most living room cleaners are heavy, while portable cleaners lacked suction power. The Montanc achieved a powerful suction power of a minimum of 15,000Pa, despite its lightness of only 535 grams. It provides a two-layer multi-tool that can be extended as an assembly, enabling the cleaning of all spaces from the living room to the inside of the car.

The boundaries between the main body and handle were removed, a stereoscopic designed charging station is perceived as an interior accessory rather than a vacuum cleaner, allowing it to be placed close to the user’s living space, and has the practicality of being able to be cleaned immediately when desired.

Bluefeel’s Premium Object Vacuum Montanc is divided into two power modes according to usage time and suction power. Mode I, with the suction power of 6,000 Pa, picks up typical-sized particles and debris in a blink of an eye. It can be used for 30 mins once it’s fully charged. Mode II, picks up microparticles that can’t be seen by the naked eye as well as larger chunks of debris with the suction power of 15,000 Pa. And mode II can be used for 9 mins once it’s fully charged. Just press the button to switch from mode I to II. 

In line with the trend of frequent cleaning, the vacuum cleaner should be located close to the user so that it can be used easily and quickly, and it should be easy to charge and store even after cleaning. Montanc designed a wireless charging station with both aesthetic and convenient use of the object design to enable touch and charge at the same time and displayed the product’s state of charge with a flat LED.

Moreover, the two-stage assembly multi-nozzles given together can be adjusted in length according to the use environment and can be easily combined and separated with only a little force. 3 types of nozzles can be expanded and used according to the needs.

Montanc sucks up dirt and debris from not only indoor but also external activities. Strong suction power easily absorbs dust, sand, pet hair, and food debris so it is suitable for everyone, including parents with children, pet owners, and people who enjoy outside activities such as camping.

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