Invincible Passion Talkshow & Jjunoon by Jaya Karamchandani, a YouTube channel with a unique motivational take on astrology and numerology

Invincible Passion Talkshow & Jjunoon by Jaya Karamchandani, a YouTube channel with a unique motivational take on astrology and numerology
The published author, popular YouTuber, Astro-Numerologist and motivational speaker believes that your birth numbers hold the key to your success.

If people are thinking “how” then watch her ever growing YouTube Channel “Invincible Passion Talkshow” & newly launched motivational channel “Jjunoon”. Through her popular YouTube Channel, Invincible Passion Talkshow, she reaches over 400,000 worldwide viewers every week sharing numerology, astrology, Vastu, and law of attraction content.  She is the best-selling author of the 7 Steps To Creating Success With Lucky Numbers. 

Believe me if one hear her speak, they will know that she knows the magic of numbers and is incredibly good at it.

Here is the ultimate Number manifester in action.

Jaya Karamchandani was born in India and later moved to the US in early 2000. With a background in law, her interest in numbers led her to discovering the logic behind the science of numbers and stars called Numerology and Astrology.

This quest-driven interest later ventured into countless hours and years of self-learning from various books of numerology, astrology and constant practice.

Later when her prediction within the family about the presidential win of Obama and Trump, and also the Patriots comeback Superbowl win against the Falcons came true. She became convinced to publish a book about lucky numbers.

After that she published a best seller, 7 Steps to Creating Success with Lucky Numbers.

Today, she reaches over 400,000 worldwide viewers every week through her popular YouTube Channel, Invincible Passion Talkshow, talking about numerology, astrology, Vastu and law of attraction.

She also leads astrology & numerology training programs that teach individuals to succeed in business and life by using their birth numbers and birth stars. She does consultations for health, wealth, job, success, business logo, and much more.

While she had never done global media before, everything changed when she committed to Wednesday & Sunday episodes, in English and Hindi, on her YouTube channel. The success and popularity of her channel has been the result of the 2.5 years of consistent content each week and that consistency has immensely grown her online Invincible community.

She believes that when one starts to find a niche that resonates with their passion, they should not spend too much time perfecting their art. Rather focus on consistent, strong work and creating content that reflects who they truly are. Doing this will not only save them a lot of frustration and disappointment but will help them find your voice.

Being kind, true, and genuinely appreciating people in their online community goes a long, long way.

She believes that when their passion becomes their work, they will never have a dull moment, and this inspires her every day.

She suggests to her followers that do what feels right but with their family. There will be moments when they will not see the light through that dark tunnel, but their inner voice will be loud and clear. Their intuition will be speaking louder and nudging them to do it even when they meet the fork in the road. Walk that path with those who matter the most. This journey is worth it if done with their family.

Create content that connects with the soul but never try to fit into someone else’s shoe. Sometimes they may want something that doesn’t seem to be coming their way. That is a sign that either the timing isn’t right, or the situation isn’t right for you. Learn to let go or should I say, flow with divine timing.

Followers can connect with her at the  website, or via  email at:, for a consultation or learn courses too! Subscribe to her YouTube channel at Invincible Passion Talkshow and Jjunoon.

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