Alpine Research Optics Becomes the Go-to firm for Supplying High-Performance Laser Optics Manufacturing

Alpine Research Optics (ARO) has established its reputation for supplying high-performance laser optics manufacturing with over three decades’ experience!

Boulder, Colorado, USA – In the recent past, laser optics has become the most breakthrough technology in the world. Alpine Research Optics (ARO), one of the leading suppliers of high-performance laser manufacturing, supports a wide variety of laser applications of leading-edge equipment manufacturers.  Be it for defense, industrial, semiconductors, or medical markets, Alpine Research Optics offers all kinds of optics solutions under one store. The firm takes pride in producing durable, long life, and high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, specifically in the UV. From providing custom precision optics to custom optical fabrication and standard anti-reflective coating, the firm holds expertise in providing all.  

“We reliably supply you with high-performance laser optics manufacturing, supported by our knowledgeable and responsive team.”

Unlike any other optical coating companies, Alpine Research Optics does coating down to 193nm of optical coating. The firm utilizes I-beams, IBS, Magnetron Sputtering, and Ion Assisted Deposition coating technologies tailored to customer’s needs and solutions. With FilmStar design and characterization software to design customized coating, Alpine Research Optics has established a strong reputation for its excellent performance, becoming one of the most leading competitors in the niche. In addition to this, the company also offers standard anti-reflective coating from 193-300nm that can be applied to many substrates. ARO helps reduce reflection losses and optimize the transmission through the optic when applying anti-reflective coatings on windows, mirrors, lenses, beam splitters, and more.  

“ARO uses evaporative E-beam technology for many of or our thin film coatings because this method is typically faster and less expensive than alternative methods on the market.”

Alpine Research Optics also offers optical beam splitter optics, producing partial reflector coatings and different types of beam splitters such as polarizing beam splitter cubes, and power polarizing beam splitter plate. These beam splitters are designed for high damage as well as low wave distortions and absorptions. ARO is a premium supplier of an optical beam splitter for solid-state, excimer, or ultrafast laser systems. Besides the optical beam splitter, ARO’s custom precision optics has created a name in custom Precision optics. The firm creates products with the highest quality materials and assembles them with the most advanced techniques available, and produces all kinds of custom precision optics for its manufacturers. Additionally, Alpine Research Optic has got a wide range of in-house machining capabilities for custom optical fabrication, allowing the firm to fabricate custom substrates of an array materials in different shapes, sizes, and specifications.  

“From fabrication to coating, we can readily produce custom precision optics in virtually every aspect.”

About the Company:

Alpine Research Optics (ARO) manufactures precision laser optics for sale in the United States. The company has established its reputation for supplying high performance laser optics manufacturing with over three decades of experience in manufacturing optics.

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