Blogger Cristian Arens is Making it Big in the Personal Finance Industry

With over 700,000 subscribers, Cristian Arens guides readers to better personal finance management.

More than earning money and having a bank account, financial education has become increasingly important in this society. The importance of being confident enough to make the right financial decisions is now well appreciated. This is Cristian Arens’s goal, he seeks to change the world through financial education and entrepreneurship.

With over 700,000 subscribers Cristian Arens is running a blog called Invertir Joven. In this platform, he shares his knowledge and experiences on personal finances, investing, and entrepreneurship. While this page caters to a Spanish audience, people who are interested to learn from him can get a copy of his book entitled “Money Code: 4 steps to make your money work.” The book guides its readers with steps to better manage their finances. Of course, this book was also published in Spanish and currently, it is a best seller on Amazon. Aside from the blog and book, Cristian Arens also has a podcast and YouTube channel, in which both are ranked number one in the personal finance and business category in Peru.

To know more about Cristian Arens and to learn more tips and tricks for better personal finance management, visit his blog at and his website at

About Cristian Arens

Cristian Arens is a Peruvian blogger currently living in Spain. He is the founder of a blog called Invertir Joven and has more than 700,000 blog and social media subscribers.

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