Meet Scoob Rock; Sensational Music Artist from Dominica, Slowly, But Steadily Making A Name in the Music Industry

Scoob Rock, who has made music all his life in different groups, has released a lot of hit tracks over the years, with a promise of many more to come

Stockholm, Sweden – Jun 29, 2021 – For those of us that have heard about, or are fans of ‘Scoob Rock’, the stories of his name, musical career, journey, and style have been elusive. More so for those that haven’t even heard of him at all. You might not know his name right off the bat but the rapper has always been about the bigger picture.

Scoob Rock slowly morphed from an upcoming potential to a full time musician, making use of a home studio at first before moving unto record labels, 360Degrees ENT and 135music. He has released a lot of hit tracks over the years, with songs like ‘Can’t Do It’, ‘Limit’, ‘Flashing Lights’, ‘Cultural Artifact’, ‘Get Out’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘On The Move’, ‘Seem Like’, Up and Down’ taking the music industry by storm. Scoob Rock has also released hit albums like ‘Blacktop and Rock’, ‘Stranded People’ ‘Be You’, ‘Stranded People 3’, ‘New Day, and ‘Third Chapter’

Scoob Rock also recently announced that he is working on a new album, with his latest track ‘You Special’ to be included in the album.

Motivated by his passion for expression, Scoob Rock sets out to be an artist that relates to everyone by bringing people together with music. The sky promises to be the limit for him, with the artist showing virtually no sign of slowing down. He is set to leave his footprint in the music industry with his upcoming refreshing releases.

To listen to, stream, and download ‘You Special’ and other hit tracks by Scoob Rock, use any of the links below:

Instagram: @sdashrock

Facebook: @sdash.rock.3

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