David Cahn of Blue Ridge Sees Automotive Aftermarket Moving from Reactive to Predictive and Proactive

David Cahn of Blue Ridge Sees Automotive Aftermarket Moving from Reactive to Predictive and Proactive

David Cahn, Product Marketer at Blue Ridge, the breakthrough product that combines demand shaping for supply chain planning and pricing optimization, was recently featured in Supply Chain World magazine discussing the automotive aftermarket. Read the full article here.  

According to Cahn, “The automotive aftermarket is moving from a reactive to predictive and proactive model. While the automotive and aftermarket is historically recession resistant, supply chain disruptions and consumer behavior have significant impacts on supply and product demand in the automotive sector. These disruptions are driving more people online. If consumers do not buy new cars, their old cars need more parts. The aftermarket and the car hobby are driven by passion.”

AI and advanced sensors are being deployed for real-time demand and predictive planning for maintenance and aftermarket products by tracking usage and predictive maintenance against benchmarks. By using predictive failure analysis and vehicle monitoring, predicting part needs in real-time impacts when components will fail or need repairs to anticipate demand. This visibility into real-time demand behavior ensures that product availability matches customer demand thereby improving customer loyalty.

Companies that develop a strong omnichannel strategy and capabilities are best positioned for success, with a flexible supply chain that aligns with evolving consumer expectations, target marketing, and consistent pricing across channels. These companies are capturing lost sales, eliminating excess inventory, and adding points to the bottom line.

Few technology providers in the automotive aftermarket possess deep understanding, knowledge, and experience in this sector. Only with this sector specific experience can solutions be recommended and implemented to build resilient supply chains. By monitoring the trends in the automotive aftermarket sector, can technology address situational awareness which allows for stabilization of erratic demand and volatility.

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