AEP Beauty, an established hair beauty company, makes its global debut.

AEP Beauty, an established hair beauty company, makes its global debut.

AEP Beauty defining the global, luxury, and salon-grade hair care industry.
AEP Beauty is a luxury, salon-grade hair and scalp-care company that launched in China in October 2020. AEP exceeded over 51 million dollars in sales with their Premium Hair Loss Care Series, their first product line within just two months of launch. This amazing feat is a testament to the AEP name, which stands for: Advanced, Effective, and Professional; three qualities which this leading luxury haircare brand represents.

Advanced technology and research go into every product offered by AEP Beauty, with over 18 years of extensive research in scalp micro-ecology and hair problems. AEP continuously researches the effectiveness of therapeutic ingredients and treatments for the most prevalent scalp and hair matters.

Effective products are at the forefront of all AEP products. They are all FDA approved, GMP certified and third-party tested. AEP listens to its customers and has over 1 million reviews on its e-commerce platforms. This is a lot of aggregate data and feedback which continuously increases effectiveness and R&D for all types of hair types.

Professional is what AEP’s products are, professional salon-grade products for the everyday consumer looking for a premium switch. In fact, more than 50 celebrities, actors, singers, and hundreds of influencers recommend AEP in China. The brand was even featured in 2021’s most-watched film, “Hi Mom”, which got over $848M in the box office on Chinese New Year. AEP has now expanded to the global market, including the United States. They are now working with many more global and North American influencers.

AEP has been awarded many times: The Best Emerging Chinese Brand, Beauty Trend: The Most Influential Brand, Customer’s Preference: The Most Trusted Brand in 2020 and Domestic Brand Innovation Award. AEP is looking to engage with social media influencers in North America that are willing to work with this upscale haircare brand. If you are up for the challenge of working with a company that won, contact the media contact below with your social media links.

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