A Millionaire at 25, Meet Tanya Mittal TedX Speaker and Miss Asia 2018

A Millionaire at 25, Meet Tanya Mittal TedX Speaker and Miss Asia 2018

Tanya Mittal, a reflection of power, positivity and passion. She is a self-made millionaire, a beauty pageant winner, a three times Tedx speaker, founder of one of the leading gifting brands, Handmadelove with a magnanimous social media presence. She truly defines the importance of being a “Beauty with brains” and paves the way of positive influence and success for many young girls struggling amidst the stereotypes of the society.

Early life:

A cliche story of a girl starts with studying, attaining a recognized degree not for herself but with a motive to garner her family good reputation, followed by capturing the best of job opportunities and as soon as this happens, she is expected to leave the house with her beloved husband. This story of almost every girl surely has some justifying reasons and motives. However, the only element it lacks at all is “Meaning”. Has anybody ever asked a girl, “How she aspires to define her story or what meaning a girl’s life has?”

This interrogation is rare, but surely exists somewhere. Tanya Mittal was on the same track a few years back, all set to follow the same old and cliche path of preparing herself to be able to get settled in a job and get married. But, who would have thought this 12th passed girl would one day become a business and style icon. Her journey from that of normal to extraordinary is surely the one justifying the phrase, “Human life is a roller-coaster ride”. It has innumerable ups and downs but what made her “Who she is today”. It was her decision to take the flagship of her life in her own hands.

Academic life:

It began with the supposedly horrendous decision of getting into a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Chandigarh University. Despite having everything perfect around, She was not satisfied as she was a victim of body shaming, bullying and depression. The extent of these problems was inclining day by day as it came to a point where she even thought of committing suicide. However, She gathered all the strength left in her and packed her bags to leave this loop of darkness. On reaching back home, her parents were even more terrified about the forthcoming struggles as they expected her to do the same things a normal girl would do. Nonetheless, She was not ready to submit at any cost. She always had this feeling of recognizing her caliber for doing magical things that could not only bring a change to her life but others too. Despite all the pressure, She was alone in my room figuring out how to start this challenging journey of being an entrepreneur.

Inception of HandMadeLove

Eventually, after a session of brainstorming, She wrote down a list of things she had as raw materials for her business which included her hands, skills, brain and a bit of confidence. With these elements and a mere investment of Rs 500, She carved her first design of a gift which was ordered by a woman. However, this happiness did not last long as the customer refused to pay her for it and even to accept it in any way. Again, her heart sank down in despair. Next day, She woke up with a new vibe, a new feel and a new level of energy with a firm decision to “Never give up no matter what”. She started devising many ways to gain more orders and make a good number of clients. Within a period of six months, She had clients all over India and that too in a number of 20,000. Handmadelove was established in 2014. With the passage of time, the business grew to great heights, doing fabulously good in both the Indian and International markets. Now, Handmadelove has a social media presence of about 400k followers with an average reach of about 13M viewers. Not only this, the company has a client base of more than 2,00,000 and a monthly turnover of 7-8 lakhs. The brand now has engrossed with over 10,000 resellers of its products and a number of influencers promoting it.

Beauty pageants and awards

There was still something that seemed to her as a huge void in her life. Thus, she started discovering new ways to enhance her present self. Finally, She decided to go for the Pageant. The moment She entered the workshop to prepare for the contest, they said “You are fat”. It pinched her so hard and tore her heart like anything. She went back and trained herself, losing 12 kgs in a couple of weeks. Walking her way to the glory of Miss India Tourism Universe, She represented India for the pageant contest and made our nation proud by winning the crown, bringing it in India for the very first time. This was not all and She pushed herself even harder, worked hard even with more energy and passion adding one more stone of pride to our nation by attaining the title of Miss Asia. She has garnered over 160 National awards such as the “Youngest Woman Achiever by Shashi Tharoor”. She has been a three time Tedx speaker, a recognised Covid-19 warrior as she along with her team managed to help over 1000 Covid-stricken families. She is also a philanthropist and always aims to give back to society. She is the director of Bliss Foundation which is an organization that works for the upliftment of society. She is also a foster mother of two kids, whose entire educational needs are taken care of by her. She has also adopted a small village named Tikli near Gwalior, where she takes care of sanitary napkins to reach each woman. She also strongly feels for animals and is associated with a dog NGO placed in Delhi.

Her journey has been a phenomenal example of women empowerment and women glorifying society. She has shown the world that, with strong faith in oneself, determination and consistent hard work can yield the most heavenly results that can bring a huge change in the society.

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