“Wabi-sabi” and its influence on the award-winning skincare brand LILY SADO

"Wabi-sabi" and its influence on the award-winning skincare brand LILY SADO

The LILY SADO Coconut Milk + Manuka Honey Cream Cleanser

In Japan, there is an art known as “Wabi-sabi”. The counterpart to lavishness and opulence, it teaches to appreciate, rather than perfect. It celebrates all that is simple, modest, and authentic. 

LILY SADO has used this concept as a main element in its organic skincare brand. While many in the skincare industry portray Youth as synonymous with Beauty, LILY SADO embraces the beauty of imperfection and simplicity.

“We believe in the concept that being and feeling beautiful is an experience for ALL ages. We embrace the beauty of imperfection, understanding that real beauty is never perfect or age-requisite.”

As applied to skincare, Wabi-sabi represents an appreciation of natural processes and materials. Reflecting this concept, LILY SADO uses simple, traditional organic ingredients – free of artificial fillers and fragrances. Many of which have a long and appraised history for boosting skin vitality and rejuvenation. Natural ingredients such as Green Tea Matcha, Manuka Honey, Japanese Knot Root, Gotu Kola, and more. These vitamin-rich natural botanicals and herbs help create healthy and radiant skin, with a price tag that meets even the most budget conscious consumers (all LILY SADO products are under $20).

Established in 2019, LILY SADO has received numerous awards for its products, including its popular TEA+C™ Green Tea and Vitamin C Moisturizer being awarded the #1 Vegan Moisturizer by VegByte, a leading authority on vegan health.

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