Caelverum Dominates the Social Media Marketing Game with Its Expert Command of Influencer Marketing

They are the only team that offers this kind of online marketing solution in Sydney so far.

Influencer marketing is a specialized niche in social media marketing that still baffles most companies today. It is, however, a method mastered and cultivated by Caelverum, a dedicated external plug-and-play media production and management department arm for any medium sized company that can benefit from the reach of an influencer and in-house internal media production capabilities.

Caelverum began in 2015 with the simple solution to solve a growing common problem that Australian companies were facing in the advent of social media — high costs and poor results. The agency can save an organization from the many costly pitfalls and legal challenges that companies are facing in the world of social media management today from talent, equipment and licenses.

The agency explains that social media marketing in general only opens a few options for growth. It does not help that many companies are new to the whole online marketing game with very limited knowledge of what it is or how it works.

Some social media marketing services provide a management service of not just one but up to 20 social media platforms at once. This feat is often difficult to overcome, so the management service they offer sometimes spirals down into mismanagement.

Traditional media and advertising agencies offer some social media management add-on services, but they are mostly limited to template management that exploits platform algorithms using bots and other automated approaches. While this method collects millions of followers, actual activity and responses do not reflect the numbers of the dedicated followers.

In time, companies begin to catch on with the trend and start employing their dedicated internal part-time social media manager. But serious companies are quick to realize that part-time attention is not enough if they want to achieve proper social media management and better results. They require the complete attention and dedication that Caelverum can provide services and manage up to 20 media platforms.

“We are an elite plug-and-play dedicated management service for the medium sized organisation. We are a research and results-driven team working for the price of a full-time employee,” shared a representative from Caelverum.

Caelverum connects and develops relationships with influencers and companies, making sure that quality information is transmitted and ensuring that both parties achieve ideal results. Their development program that helps create genuine relationships with brands and influencers (who they call vibers) is a big success. The agency grows brand and influencer (vibers) partnerships for their clients, managing more than 500 Australian vibers that assist and promote their clients.

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Caelverum a dedicated external plug-and-play media production and management team that connects and develops relationships with influencers and companies.

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