Guose Offers Custom Designs For Air-Conditioned and Prefab Bus Shelters

Professional prefab manufacturer combines traditional blueprint with advanced technology

Guose Identification Co Ltd. is keeping public transportees comfortable and speeding up construction with custom air-conditioned bus shelters and prefab structures. Bus shelters and smoking shelter are made custom to the needs of each unique client as well as the surrounding natural environment. The company has been building bus shelters, bus stops, prefab booths, and street furniture for over 20 years after receiving a capital injection of $11 million in 1998. Since its establishment, Guose has expanded its services to offer engraving, welding, laser cutting, spraying, and other technologies for improved design capabilities.

Among the two forms of bus shelters offered by Guose are air-conditioned and guard shack. Air-conditioned bus shelters are stylized with unique needs and the local environment in mind, not to mention their advanced cooling technology. Guose also builds prefab bus shelters in both traditional and modern styles with full or partial roofs, and either a two, three, or four-sided design. Rather than using steel and glass similarly to general bus stops, Guose differentiates its construction by using aluminum alloy for its durability and longevity. The company emphasizes that some situations especially call for a prefab solution, such as low-traffic blocks, areas with security vulnerabilities, and elderly communities.

In recent years, the most popular products in the Guose arsenal have been bus shelters, prefab booths, and street furniture. Most importantly, Guose engages in full-cycle execution by carrying out three key steps: design, production, and post-sale assistance. The company hosts a team of skilled designers, operates a 28,000 square-meter plant and a set of advanced equipment to handle production, and provides after-sales service for long-term guidance.

About Guose Identification Co. Ltd.

Guose started in 1998 thanks to a capital injection of $11 million as a professional bus shelter, bus stop, prefab booth, and advertising identification builder. The company later added engraving, welding, laser cutting, water cutting, UV printing, and spraying to its repertoire of services. After more than 20 years of work, Guose has grown its employee base north of 200 to include separate departments for designers, business experts, production staff, and management. Among their past projects is various work for McDonald’s, numerous bus shelters, and high-speed rail light box projects which are displayed on a global scale.

The company can be contacted by reaching out to, completing an online submission form, or through their WhatsApp phone number, +86 15625117002.

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