Orsetto Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Limited-Edition Teddy Bear Art NFTs

The teddy bears of the future have arrived

VIENNA – June 30, 2021 – The teddy bears of the future have arrived. Orsetto has launched a Kickstarter campaign offering “a digital bear for those who care,” as the company reimagined the traditional teddy bear into a socially conscious NFT.
Art enthusiast, entrepreneur and founder of Orsetto, Farbod Sadeghian, said, “In times of crisis, art is fundamental to help people to get by, register and transform their history. The Orsetto project is a manifestation of art, creativity, solidarity and love in support of the artistic community hit hard by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Orsetto hopes to represent creative versions of our sweet old friends – the teddy bears.”

The pandemic forced the artistic community to look for new ways to create and consume art. The digital art market saw a drastic increase in popularity, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) became the answer to the creation and consumption of digital art. NFTs are a blockchain-supported vehicle for buying and selling digital artwork. Each NFT is unique and cannot be replaced by something else. Each NFT has an exclusive piece of code stored in a blockchain that contains information about the owner, authenticity and provenance of the artwork.
The Orsetto NFT is a unique project created by artists worldwide to express their love for art, artists and nature. All artists will be dedicating a portion of sales to certified projects engaged in reducing CO2 footprints and protecting endangered species. Each Orsetto bear is a limited-edition work of art that is sentimental and fun.

“We believe that everybody has the right to appreciate high-quality artworks, and every artist deserves a chance to share their masterpieces,” Sadeghian said. “Orsetto brings together these two worlds in one project, using technology to connect people. A growing pool of artists is invited to create new limited editions of our teddy bears while supporters and art lovers get the chance to enjoy and buy them. No matter where they are.”
For more information, visit orsetto.art or view the project on Kickstarter.

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