Licentia is Helping Forex Retail Traders Through The Perspective of Big Financial Institutions

Licentia offers a seamless bridge between retail traders and the big banks.

For decades, retail traders have experienced hardships when trading, as determining market direction is difficult without economics credentials and understanding how a currency remains stronger or weaker, short-term and long-term.

Licentia provides easy to understand analysis on risk sentiment, fundamental themes, and so much more – all of which helps forex traders invest in line with market movers. Their vision is to help traders understand the markets through the bank’s perspective, bringing them updates that affect a currency’s short-term/long-term value. With this, a currency pair’s overall direction is simplified, at the ease of a trader’s fingertips, as updates are sent daily to their phone number.

Licentia aims to provide information on the FOREX markets that is known to be extremely difficult to attain from the major players moving the markets. With this approach, they aspire to grow a community of winning retail traders who profit throughout the markets, as big banks do.

Licentia firmly believes an alliance must be created between retail traders and banks, as the major players should provide such valuable information to retail traders. With this in mind, Licentia is taking it upon themselves to simplify the causes of a currency’s strength and weakness and provide it to retail traders on a silver platter. This service is being used among traders to simplify their overall judgment on the markets and to further trade in line with banks.

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