The Purest Co Launches Subscription Service For Traditional Superfoods

The direct-to-consumer brand is bringing the natural goodness of traditional superfoods to the world.

The Purest Co, a Singaporean superfood brand founded in 2019, is launching its subscription service for customers around the world. The superfood brand uses only premium ingredients combined with modern cooking processes based on unique homemade recipes to produce convenient, tasty, and healthy products. The brand’s signature products include ready-to-drink bird’s nests, snow hashima tonics and delicious collagen drinks.

The inspiration for the brand was conceived when one of the co-founders was anticipating the arrival of his firstborn and wanted to pamper his wife with healthy superfoods, in particular bird’s nest. In trying to find healthy and safe products for his pregnant wife, he realized that many brands in the market were not upfront about the ingredients and nutritional value of their products; these brands lacked the clarity and assurance he was seeking from natural superfoods retailers, and this inspired him to set up The Purest Co.

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Additionally, unlike other brands in the space, The Purest Co seeks to provide scientific research from various academic sources to back up their products, such as the proven health benefits of consuming bird’s nest. With a strong commitment on transparency in quality and nutrition, the company is fast becoming one of the leading traditional superfood brands in Singapore. Buoyed by stellar demand in their home country, the brand is now introducing a subscription service for its international customers. Increasing convenience while adding value for consumers, The Purest Co is one of the first few brands to offer subscriptions for traditional superfoods.

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With this subscription service, The Purest Co hopes to introduce the many health benefits of traditional superfoods to the world.

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