Amazon Ads Playbook Series Launched by PPC Entourage Founder Mike Zagare

Amazon Ads Playbook Series Launched by PPC Entourage Founder Mike Zagare
Founder of PPC Entourage, Mike Zagare, has recently released his instructional guide, the Amazon Ads Playbook Series.

Mike Zagare, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of PPC Entourage, is pleased to announce the official launch of his detailed guide on Amazon advertising, titled the Amazon Ads Playbook Series. This is an easy-to-understand instructional guide on how to set up 28 unique Amazon ad campaigns. It includes step-by-step video instructions for every campaign, guided by the author. The Playbook has been designed to simplify the process of creating successful Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

Mike Zagare’s Amazon advertising guide can be downloaded at:

According to Zagare, his Playbook series is an excellent resource to learn:

The time-tested marketing concept of the “Customer Buying Cycle”
Which Amazon campaigns can be used with the CBC to market like a major global brand, even on a budget
Why each campaign matters
How to set up each campaign
When to set up each campaign

The Playbook contains launch campaigns for new products, remarketing campaigns for well-established brands, and everything in between. Sellers who are missing customers at certain stages of the Customer Buying Cycle can use this series to fill in the missing pieces of their advertising strategy.

“The Customer Buying Cycle breaks down the psychology of every step a shopper takes in their journey towards making a purchase. Aligning your Amazon advertising to meet potential customers at each stage of the Customer Buying Cycle, is an effective way to design your marketing strategy, especially for e-commerce shoppers like Amazon customers,” Zagare says. “In the Playbook Series, we’ll give you a ‘CBC 101’ so you can understand this concept and then build an Amazon advertising strategy based upon it.”

Mike Zagare became an Amazon seller after owning a successful in-home physical therapy business for several years. In 2016, he developed the strategies and software that later formed the foundation of his Blueprint Series and PPC Entourage, respectively. Mike is currently focused heavily on creating additional educational materials to help as many Amazon sellers as possible.

Zagare’s business, PPC Entourage, specializes in optimizing and expanding Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns to increase sales and profits. Several Amazon sellers have used the company’s efficient services to get more sales at the lowest possible ad cost, save time with sales-driven automation, eliminate guesswork with proven strategies and accurate analytics, and increase online visibility with untapped keyword opportunities.

“I have been using PPC Entourage for about six months now. It’s made such a big difference, especially on the European side of things. We’ve got five different markets, and I don’t speak five different languages. PPC Entourage makes it so simple and easy to pull out words based on the numbers and stick them into campaigns,” said a highly impressed customer of PPC Entourage.

To find out more about creating Amazon sponsored ads from the expert, please visit PPC Entourage’s official website.

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