Advanced Credit Therapy helping to reduce credit debt up to 55-70% and fix credit score.

Advanced Credit Therapy is helping Americans to minimize their pending debt amid COVID-19 economic recession and also repair their poor credit scores.

Woodland Hills, CA – June 30, 2021 – Americans struggling with mounting debt payments in the current pandemic era can finally heave a breath of relief. LA-based leading credit repair and financial consultation company, Advanced Credit Therapy, is offering free consultation on reducing debt by a whopping 55%-70% and that too with a money back guarantee. The company also assists clients in fixing their poor scores and improving their credit so that they can easily apply for new loans with convenient terms.

Advanced Credit Therapy serves clients in all 52 states. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health sector but has also dealt a heavy blow to the economic and financial sector big time. A lot of peoplehave lost their jobs, and many shut down their businesses which has left them struggling with massive credit card and loan payments lately. Most of them are seeking debt forgiveness but that’s something not easy to find. This is where we come to help”, stated Sadaf Omidy, Board Certified Credit Consultant and founder of Advanced Credit Therapy.

A leading financial expert, Omidy is backed by a rich academic and professional background in finance. She holds a Master of Science degree in Finance as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). She is also a Certified Business and Personal Credit Consultant and has worked as Credit Repair Consultant and Financial Analyst in both American and international corporations. A compassionate credit consultant, Omidy has always been passionate about helping people improve their finances which finally led her to launch Advanced Credit Therapy.

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“If your business or job has been affected by the COVID-19 economic recession and you are having a hard time keeping up with mounting debt or loan payments, we have your back. We specialize in debt relief and debt forgiveness, and we can help to reduce your debt by around 55-70% so that you can be debt free in a short time. We know times have been really hard for you lately and thus we are offering the initial consultation service for free. We will also help you to fix a poor credit score and improve credit report so that you can apply for new loans with low rates and comfortable terms and conditions.”

A major factor that separates Advanced Credit Therapy from regular credit consultants is their constant focus on a customized consultancy, tailored based on the specific needs and financial condition of a client. The company assigns a Paralegal expert and Personal Case Advisor to each client who will guide the client on a one-on-one basis right from the first consultation till the final stage of resolving the issue. 

“At Advanced Credit Therapy we have a team of knowledgeable paralegal professionals that are familiar with all the related states and federal laws and hence you can be assured of an industry-leading service only. Client satisfaction is crucial here and we provide credit repair and debt forgiveness programs which result in our clients’ favor” Omidy said.

Speaking on their credit repair and improvement services, Omidy mentioned their specialized Score Analysis Team that undertakes a comprehensive analysis study to look into the possible factors that could have affected a client’s credit score. Based on that data, the team not only challenges and deletes negative information from a credit report but also addresses credit score issues taking into account various considerations, such as debt to income ratio, scoring models, credit type ratio and credit history. 

“You can count on us as your absolute credit consultant partner who is aimed to help you overcome any problem you might encounter with your credit scores or debts. We are backed by a seasoned team of Certified Credit Consultants, and we know the proven strategies that can actually work to reduce your debt or settle your debt or improve your credit score. Your goals, achievements, financial aspirations, growth, and convenience are the most crucial for us. We are even ready to refund the money you would invest on us if you were dissatisfied with our service.”

Advanced Credit Therapy helps businesses to establish their business credit based on EIN number, and assists them with different business loan programs, including start up business loans. In case, a client comes up with a new idea, their paralegal team assists the client to register his/her business and supports him with expert business consulting for a proliferating business.

The company also helps with student loans.

“The status of Student loans has a huge effect on credit score. Paying student loans every month and on time would help increase credit score and but being default on monthly payment would not only damage credit score but also lead to wage garnishment. Our paralegal team helps individuals with past due or default student loans to make the student loan current at the lowest cost.”

For more information, please visit www.SadafOmidy.Com. To contact Sadaf Omidy on social media, please follow her Instagram profile at @Sadaf.Omidy

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