Eyeware Beam turns the iPhone into a head and eye tracking device for Windows PC

Eye tracking was expensive for years. Not anymore – a Swiss company fixed it.

MARTIGNY, Switzerland and BARCELONA, Spain – Jun 30, 2021 – Over the next couple of years the gaming and content creation industries are expected to reach a value of US$ 280B, respectively US$ 16B by 2026 exhibiting a CAGR of 9%, respectively 12% in the time period 2021-2026. Among the factors that are driving these markets forward are the increasing demand for more immersive game experiences and the tools that augment and redefine digital content creation. Eyeware Beam aims to accelerate this process by bringing an iOS app to the market that allows gamers and streamers to activate eye tracking and head tracking in their games and content.

Eyeware presents at MWC2021 their flagship B2C product Eyeware Beam that turns your iPhone or iPad into a head and eye tracker for your Windows PC. This public beta version of the app was officially launched on Product Hunt on June 24, 2021, garnering a lot of attention from the global makers community. “We believe this is a game-changer (literally), as you can take advantage of a device that is in your pocket, instead of buying extra hardware. We wanted to create a product that would then eliminate this entry barrier that streamers and gamers are experiencing today.”, says Kenneth Funes – CEO/CTO of Eyeware.

The app is useful for:

• Simulator gamers who use head movement as an input in the game,
• Content creators who want to share with their audience what they are looking at, generate unique content, and gather bigger crowds,
• FPS, MOBA, rhythm games, chess game players who want to improve their gameplay by recording their gaze into replays using OBS,
• Gamers who want to educate others by sharing their own gameplay insights overlaid with the eye tracking bubble, and
• Streamers who want to communicate in a natural and easier way with their audience, through a live eye tracking overlay. When streaming it is easier to use the eye gaze overlay for pinpointing details in the action.

The head tracking feature works with 150+ games that support an Open Track or Free Track integration and the eye tracking feature can be added as an overlay to any game or content type displayed on a Windows PC screen.

Currently, Eyeware Beam is temporarily free to use in a public beta. A paid version will be released in the coming months with new and improved features. The app can be accessed here https://beam.eyeware.tech/.

About Eyeware

Eyeware’s 3D eye tracking technology enhances people’s connections through and with devices by using proprietary 3D computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology. The company’s goal is to make eye tracking useful and reliable for every device and to build more human-centered solutions. The B2B portfolio of Eyeware contains applications in consumer device applications, driver monitoring and interaction in cars, trucks and trains, UX and human factors research, as well as retail analytics.

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