The Founder Of Bold Grooming and The Beard Kit Talks About Looking After A Beard

The trend for men growing beards and having facial hair continues to grow in the USA, UK and around the world in 2020 it was reported that 33% of men in America and 55% of men around the world have facial hair. It was also found that 79.6% of men who have a beard said it makes them look more attractive to women.

Men may feel they are more attractive to women when they grow a beard or have facial hair, but what do women think? According to research that was published in the Journal of Evolutionary it seems men who feel they are more attractive to women with a beard could be right.

8,520 women took part in the research to find what they really thought about men with beards and men without beards. The majority of women said they felt men were more attractive if they had facial hair. The research found that the sexiest men were those sporting heavy stubble, followed by short stubble.

This is great news for men looking to grow facial hair to attract the opposite sex. However, growing a beard is not as easy as it may sound, and it is not as easy to look after. It is important when growing a beard to find the right grooming products, so we decided to site down with Bryan Godfrey, the founder and CEO of Bold Grooming and The Beard Kit to find out more about facial hair and how to look after a beard. This is what he had to say.

  • First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Bryan Godfrey, founder and CEO of Bold Grooming and The Beard Kit, an easy 3-step routine to maintaining a perfectly groomed beard.

  • Can you explain more about your company and why you started the company?

I developed Bold Grooming for young guys like myself who have beards and need a little help with our daily styling routines.  There are a lot of products on the market that do many different things, and it can be confusing, especially if you’re new to home grooming. The Beard Kit makes daily beard care as comfortable and as simple as it gets.

My vision is for Bold Grooming to grow and become the go-to company for young men starting their grooming journey. By helping them choose a simple routine with great, easy-to-use products tailored to today’s lifestyles.

  • Bryan, you have said your company Bold Grooming seeks to help young men build confidence in themselves through the power of a well-groomed beard, can you explain what you mean by that?

Bold Grooming is not just about excellent and innovative products. It’s about how the products create a lifestyle routine that fits easily into how you take care of yourself. When you’re looking sharp, it empowers you with confidence so that you can always show up and be the best version of yourself. other essential things fall into place – like getting noticed, turning a girl’s head, personal success, and opening doors of opportunity.

  • What male grooming products do you sell?

Currently, we have The Beard Kit designed to help men look and feel their best in just 3-Steps and under 90 seconds. The kit includes an innovative no-rinse beard shampoo, white tea beard oil, and beard balm. Each product is available individually too.

  • More men around the world are taking grooming more seriously than ever before, why do you think that is?

Men’s style has been evolving over the years, and today, I think more than ever, men are seeing the results of being well-groomed and styled. Over the past few years, there has been a boom in personal care products designed and promoted specifically for men. This accessibility has led to men becoming more aware of their daily care habits, especially with the influencer culture that surrounds us. It’s also what women want to see in men too. With the rise in popularity of beards, one of the biggest complaints from research that we carried out was that women love a man with a beard, as long as he takes care of it, keeps it clean, conditioned, and groomed. Plus, it’s a confidence thing. Looking good empowers men in the same way as it empowers women to embrace confidence in all they set out to achieve.

  • There are lots of different grooming products available, so why do your products stand out?

Bold Grooming’s Beard Kit does the work for you. Men don’t have to shop and figure out what does what. The kit is 3 premium quality products that work together from clean to style in 3 steps with amazing results. Our products are also free of toxic ingredients, making them ideal for any skin type.

  • You say you provide a three-step, three-product daily regimen designed to introduce bearded beginners to the world of men’s grooming, what does that mean?

For young men starting out on their grooming journey, it can be a daunting experience with the number of products on the market. Our goal is to help them navigate out of the maze of products and be able to have a simple routine with great, easy-to-use products designed for today’s lifestyles.

  • A recent report found that a lot of men struggle with beard grooming, why do you think that is?

I think several reasons for this range from not knowing what products to use and not knowing how to use the products. For some men, I think it can be an added stress to the daily routine that they don’t want to deal with because they’re unsure how. Anyone feeling this way can reach out to us through our website, and we’re happy to help get them started.

  • Do you think some men won’t grow a beard because they are too scared of not knowing how to look after it?

That could be a reason for sure. Another reason that might hold men back is that a beard adds one more thing to daily self-care. Even though it can be quick and simple, men who are beard first-timers might not see it this way.

  • What would you say to someone who wants to grow a beard but is worried about not knowing how to take care of their beard?

That’s simple. Go to and see how easy it can be. If you have questions, reach out to us. We’re all about helping men on their grooming journeys.

  • How often should a beard be shampooed and conditioned?

Ideally, wash your beard daily. However, this depends on the products used and your skin type. If you find your skin is too sensitive, your skin is flaky, or beard hair is too brittle for daily shampooing, try cutting back to 1-3 times a week.

The great thing about the No-Rinse Beard Shampoo in The Beard Kit is the unique, rinse-free cleansing shampoo removes impurities for a fresh, clean look without compromising the skin’s natural oil. So, it’s gentle enough for everyday use.

  • With salons and barbershops closed due to the COVID19 pandemic, it resulted in more men taking care of their own beard grooming rather than going to a professional, do you think that trend will continue?

The trend has become an unstoppable boom, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of it slowing down soon. The lockdowns brought about a substantial rise in the popularity of home grooming products, particularly at the entry-level. Market forecasts show significant continued growth through the end of the decade as men have become more comfortable taking grooming into their own hands.

  • You have said that you intend to launch more male grooming products, can you tell me anything more about them?

Behind The Beard Kit, we are set to launch skin care and hair kits designed with the same 3 product, 3 steps daily self-care system. We’ll be announcing more about the products in these kits later in the year, but we’re excited about a couple of unique formulas that we’ll be introducing from Europe.

For more information on the products available and to learn more about Bold Grooming and The Beard Kit, please visit

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