Empirics Asia Just Launched The World’s First Podcast Show Hosted By An A.I.

Empirics Asia Just Launched The World’s First Podcast Show Hosted By An A.I.

Empirics Asia, the crowd-publishing startup founded by entrepreneurs Melvin Poh and Harshul Srivastava in 2021 after a USD $8 million fund raise, has just launched the Empirics Asia Podcast. The podcast is said to be the very first knowledge podcast show in the world that is produced and hosted by an artificial intelligence. Through advanced machine learning technology, the Empirics artificial intelligence aims to efficiently educate and expand the personal knowledge of its human audiences.

According to co-founder Melvin Poh, the Empirics artificial intelligence will actively produce each episode by drawing upon the vast content network from Empirics’ existing publishing infrastructure which currently has published over 1 million open-access knowledge articles.

Through complex algorithms that determine ongoing trends in the social fields of knowledge, the artificial intelligence will actively decide which episode to produce on a daily basis. It will also edit and deliver each episode in a concise manner through an advanced narration technology that seeks to naturalistically imitate human voice. Co-founder Harshul Srivastava has also stated that by reactively studying user feedback and data analytics, the Empirics artificial intelligence will progressively learn and improve its own efficiency in managings the podcast.

Melvin Poh states that this innovative podcast represents the first instance in human history where a digital show that has been entirely produced and managed by an artificial intelligence was been launched to educate humans. The organization strongly believes through their podcast, audiences will be able to gain educational value in a way that was never before possible.

The Empirics Asia Podcast is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts. The organization has stated that the podcast will remain free with no commercialization as it doubles down on its commitment to facilitating open-access knowledge.

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