Drivers with Dementia Can Hit the Roads Again Thanks To Creative Technology

Leading technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja and their team develop an innovative tool to help drivers with dementia take charge of the wheels again.

Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja along with their support team have put their technology expertise to use to create Safe Scan, a tool that can assist dementia-affected drivers. Safe Scan will help these drivers get behind the wheels again and relive their passion for driving.

“We are happy to offer our latest idea, Safe Scan, a driving assistance device that can help people with dementia get their wheels on the road again,” says a member of the technology team. “We understand it is tough for those who are passionate about driving to stay away from their urge to steer the wheels. This technology will make it easy for dementia-affected persons to get back to their passion by remaining in control at all times.”

Driving is a task that requires tremendous focus, alertness, and concentration. Unfortunately, dementia hits at the core of all these capabilities and makes it nearly impossible for patients to drive.

Dementia affects the coordination capabilities of affected individuals and that’s why it is nearly impossible to imagine people with dementia behind the wheels.

Driving is a unique skill in which the sense of judgment and level of alertness of the driver is on test at all times when they are behind the wheels. Advancing age is often a major deterrent for those with a passion for driving. Experts say that dementia is another key reason people are forced to say goodbye to their passion.

Safe Scan can ensure that drivers with dementia still pursue their passion.

While accidents can happen on the road to any vehicle, even to those manned by normal and healthy individuals, dementia ups that risk by a huge percentage. Safe Scan makes use of the breakthrough CardioLens technology by Microsoft to help drivers with dementia drive as well as any normal, healthy individual.

CardioLens works by scanning the face of the driver to get a sense of their level of anxiety and confusion. If the analysis shows a dangerously high level of anxiety and confusion, the system locks the car and prevents it from starting.

CardioLens advises the driver to stop by the side of the road as a precaution. It sends out alerts to the authorities and shares the location of the driver so that they can reach out quickly and provide the appropriate assistance.

“With CardioLens, dementia need not be a reason for giving up driving,” the team member adds. “Elders suffering from the condition can still enjoy their freedom and their passion.”

The team involved in the development of this app included creative technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja with art director Shadab Wajih and copywriter Riya Dosani playing crucial supporting roles.

Safe Scan has won the following awards:

  • Silver – Muse Creative Award
  • Gold – Vega Digital Award
  • Bronze – Creativity International Award
  • Finalist – Communication Arts Interactive Competition
  • Silver – Graphis New Talent Awards

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