Pioneer Brush USA announces its premier manufacturers and suppliers of professional-grade interior and exterior paint brushes

Pioneer Brush USA announces its premier manufacturers and suppliers of professional-grade interior and exterior paint brushes

Pioneer Brush USA is a market-leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of professional-grade interior and exterior paint brushes, and other high-quality decorating products.

The Painting Tools Market size was USD 10.72 billion in 2019 and will grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2020 and 2026. Surge in urbanization, especially in flourishing economies is set to increase the paint tools demand; and as industry leaders, Pioneer Brush is primed and ready to spearhead this growth with its annual production of over 18 million brushes, supplemented by their first-class expertise in all aspects of brush and roller manufacture.

Pioneer Brush USA has its origins tracing back to the 1930s as dressers of natural bristles and fine hairs for use in brush and broom manufacture. The company, building on this existing knowledge, and complemented by years of fastidious research and development, has developed a thorough expertise and proficiency on paint brushes and other decorating products.

The company’s tools are available in wide specifications and sometimes with customizable and replaceable components to enhance functionality and reliability. As manufacturers, Pioneer Brush is continually introducing improved designs and functionality to make its paint brushes more friendly for both the professionals and the surging DIY market.

The company’s products have received rave reviews from users. According to a customer, Ruben NY: “This has become one of my favorite brushes for that special line. It doesn’t stress me like larger brushes sometimes do and it creates a very nice, sharp feel with minimal effort. I wasn’t sure that I would like the size because I have large hands but it is one of the first brushes that I grab for many big painting jobs. Its small size also makes it great for getting into small or hard to reach spaces when painting furniture.”

Speaking about their services, the company founder, Peter Samuel, said: “We believe that painters and decorators are craftsmen and craftsmen deserve the best tools which are well made and durable. Our paint brushes, both interior paint brushes and exterior paint brushes, are designed to last. With multiple anchors and the use of the latest epoxy resins, they will not break. Our handles use hardwood timber from sustainable forests, under the FSC Chain of Custody system, and are kiln-dried stabilized at our plant to prevent cracking in humid environments. Our products are designed to perform superbly with modern as well as traditional paints.”

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