CloudPlexo Launches AWS Inventory and Asset Management Tool for AWS Cloud

CloudPlexo, cloud optimization and efficiency SaaS platform provider, announces the launch of its AWS Inventory and Asset Management Tool for the AWS Cloud, enabling cloud users to seamlessly establish the first point of clear visibility on AWS workloads.

This new CloudPlexo tool provides simplified and automated discovery capabilities to cloud users with workloads across all AWS cloud, regions and availability zones, bringing together and to a clear view, all authorized and unauthorized resources running on users’ single or multiple AWS account or environment.

CloudPlexo AWS Inventory and Asset Management Tool offers significant and core cloud optimization features which include but not limited to the following:

Central Utilization View

With a single dashboard, users can now view their resources from workloads that are deployed across different AWS accounts, cloud environment, regions or availability zones. The CloudPlexo platform goes further to represent discovered information in a visible, friendly and understandable format, providing easy access to deeper insights.

Multi-Account Asset Management

Rather than setting up different or multiple inventory and management tools for each account or cloud workload, AWS users can simply adopt this CloudPlexo tool as a one-for-all inventory system, saving cost, time and other managerial resources.

Asset Tracking

The new Inventory and asset management dashboard provides resource information that enables the easy tracking of usage statistics for improved and timely decision making. This feature transcends to supporting the security posture of user’s cloud environments.

Continuous Compliance with Best Practices

As a cloud giant, AWS has many services with new ones constantly being added to the platform and existing services are expanded with new features or capabilities. While this is necessary for improved service delivery, the economic and operational implications are not always negligible.

Using the CloudPlexo AWS Inventory and Asset Management Tool, users can always stay abreast with changes made to their cloud ecosystem or infrastructure, making timely adjustments that keeps their operations in compliance with internal goals and industry best practices.

Asset Aggregation and Reporting

The flexibility of spinning up services on the cloud at scale can be helpful. However, this can build up a chunk of unused, underused or/and overused resources which will make resource reporting inaccurate or incomplete using manual or crude tools.

The CloudPlexo tool eliminates the difficulty in preparing cloud usage or operations reports, giving management teams the speed, accuracy and insights they need while auditors are provided with correlating data to enable proper recommendations.

The new CloudPlexo AWS Inventory and Asset Management Tool is borne out of extensive expertise and successes in the provision of cloud optimization solutions and the company plans to unveil more solutions in a short time as their developments are being done in parallel.

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