Dame Nicola Smith Jackson Transforming People’s Money Mindsets

Dame Nicola Smith Jackson Transforming People’s Money Mindsets

Most people’s financial woes have a lot to do with their mindsets toward money. Misconceptions, myths, and a lack of financial education lead to financial ruin, resulting in people thinking that there’s no hope of a better future. Dame Nicola Smith Jackson believes otherwise and works non-stop to change people’s money mindsets and, consequently, the trajectory of their lives.

Dame Nicola, a money master is an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach who runs a multimillion-dollar business in the financial industry. She has served over 450,000 sales representatives from more than 30 countries worldwide throughout the course of her career. Her company has recorded hundreds of millions in sales over the last twenty-five years and transformed thousands of people’s lives in the process. More than anything, as a CEO and serial entrepreneur she understands the necessary beliefs and skills that people need to succeed financially and professionally. 

Her success has not been a walk in the park to say the least. She has also personally known the failures and pitfalls of finances that most people face.  This is why she’s passionate about connecting the dots between the have’s and have not’s. Over the past few decades, Dame Nicola Smith Jackson has experienced overwhelming trials from becoming a college drop out , burying three children by age 23 to working an extremely taxing hairstyling job as a single mom for a significant period as well as some of  the biases that could come along with being a minority female in business. Despite all obstacles, Nicola chose to hold fast to her faith in God and believe and focus on being a positive model. True enough, she has come a long way from her early career and become a business tycoon who impacts the lives of others through her business. 

What sets Nicola apart is her uncanny gift of applying timeless principles into day-to-day life. She openly and passionately shares her secrets to becoming richer and happier with life, money and business with those ready to learn from her. Her drive and love for entrepreneurship is contagious as she continues to motivate people in her organization to pursue their dreams and reach their goals. 

Apart from being a certified coach and instructor through Learning Alliance and Business School Excellerated she has also picked up other training and certifications under organizations of some of the most distinguished speakers, including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and John Maxwell. Nicola has appeared on various publications like Yahoo Finance (First Trade), IHeartRadio, Morning Beats, NBC, CBS, NY Weekly, WATC Atlanta and Bankrate.com, sharing her thoughts and money lessons. 

Dame Nicola dedicates much of her time today to teaching upcoming and experienced entrepreneurs how to hack financial secrets and tap into their financial intelligence and intuition to earn predictable income despite these challenging times. She speaks before large crowds and intimate gatherings across platforms all over the nation and hosts a podcast called Power Start Your Day, which now has over 1,100 episodes and counting. Dame Nicola Smith Jackson is the founder of the Pink Millionaire Club, a women’s community that exists to help women become “Confident Cashflow Creators” and influencers in business without sacrificing their values, health and families while in pursuit of  professional success. 

Dame Nicola is also the creator of “The Money Mansion Blueprint,” a training program with resources that teaches people how to build recession-proof income streams and experience greater financial freedom. Dame Nicola continues to inspire people throughout the world and uses her influence to give people motivation and inspiration to keep working toward their loftiest ambitions. 

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