Former Military Musician Creates an Incredible Collection of Lullabies to Help Parents and Small Children Sleep More Soundly

The Baby Lounge launch a lullaby music app designed for babies and kids aged between 0-5 to encourage them to sleep faster and better!

UK – When it comes to parenting, it’s hard to deny that one of the most difficult parts of the job is helping babies sleep soundly. No matter how tired the little ones are, getting quality sleep can be a struggle, so parents adopt different approaches such as playing music, reading books, or singing lullabies so their children can enjoy a long peaceful sleep.

When former Royal Marine Musician Jim Strange became a father, he started creating his own lullaby music to help his young daughter and son get to sleep. Noting the positive impact on his own family, Jim decided to release his music to a wider audience. What started out as a hobby and family project has since turned into a family business with his wife Kirsty.  

Before the launch of The Baby Lounge, Jim served as a Royal Marines Bandsman in the British Armed Forces. The classically trained musician credits his time in the military as an excellent foundation for his ongoing music career. He performed at some of the World’s largest venues as a distinguished bass player, including at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and for members of the Royal Family aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia and at Horse Guard’s Parade. The co-founder performed with the Royal Marines for almost a decade before hanging up his tuba to train as a microbiologist at the University of Edinburgh.

Jim says “The thrill of performing in front of hundreds of people was an amazing experience. I’m incredibly proud and grateful to have performed with one of the world’s finest military bands. I decided to leave the military to retrain in science as it was something I am deeply fascinated with. I also love the link between music and science, as I feel it helps me understand the music at a deeper level.”

Jim has gone on to study further at the University of Cumbria and became a qualified science teacher, who now teaches in the UK. His passion for science and music have led to the creation of an app aimed at improving family mental health.

Jim now works alongside his partner Kirsty, a hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience in working with families, and together they have designed a new app to provide a simple yet effective method to help children relax and regulate their nervous system. With his exceptional knowledge of music, harmony, and child developmental stages, Jim has directed all his efforts to promote positive mental health and wellbeing of children and their families. To date, Jim has recorded over 700 incredible tracks for piano, music box, and harp, with a mission to create music that assists parents in helping their baby sleep soundly.

“We wanted to create a simple tool which parents could use at bedtime with their kids. As parents ourselves, we know the struggle is real, so supporting family mental health was important to us. I have spent countless hours over the last few years creating music for our app. We have managed to create 100 music box lullabies for our app, and we are proud that the quality of our music really helps us stand out as a quality and expansive resource for parents.”

Jim and Kirsty are excited to be offering parents the new app and hope that families enjoy the gentle sounds from The Baby Lounge.

About the Company:

The Baby Lounge Lullabies and Meditations create music and meditations and have launched a lullaby music app, designed for children aged between 0-5. The app contains one hundred music box lullabies which help children feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly.

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