Goodnight Gasoline: How to Win the Climate Change Challenge

Climate-change activist, historian, seasoned podcast guest and author of 8 books, Twyla Dell, Ph.D, announces the recent publication of Goodnight Gasoline: How to Win the Climate Change Challenge now available on Amazon.
“Dr. Twyla Dell is truly a visionary and leading global authority on the massive impact that gasoline usage has on climate change. She has taken over 31 years of relentless research, knowledge and wisdom and condensed it down into a compelling short read. This book awakens the emotions and stirs the reader to take action!” says reviewer, S. Rosen.
For over 31 years Dr. Dell’s passion has continued to promote sustainable energy over gasoline. She worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and also offered The Environmental Leadership Program for business leaders, teachers and students in Kansas City, Missouri, for 6 years.
Dr. Dell believes that together we can literally drive away from the internal combustion engine to electric cars and other forms of transportation and communication so we can leave the next generation a healthier planet. “Climate change is more critical than we allow ourselves to accept,” she says. “We need to quit using gasoline and its load of 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per gallon as soon as we can.”
Goodnight Gasoline is her 8th published book. A companion workbook The Gasoline Diet: Drive Less, Lose Pounds, Save the Planet helps drivers do the math on their own driving and gasoline consumption.

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