Healthy Kidney Inc’s YouTube Channel Can Help Support Normal Kidney Function And Overall Kidney Health

Hundreds of free life changing videos addressing every area most doctors don’t talk about when it comes to supporting kidney health for the long term.

Wood-Ridge, NJ – Jul 1st, 2021 – Support optimal kidney function by checking out this ground-breaking YouTube Channel focused on kidney health.

Healthy Kidney Inc’s purpose is to empower people with information to help support normal kidney health naturally. Healthy Kidney Inc’s youtube channel has over 200 quick videos to help with renal diets, renal supplements, lifestyle changes and more to support optimal kidney health.

Created by Robert Galarowicz, a Naturopath, Nutritionist, and a kidney disease survivor. He has been through kidney failure, dialysis and has been living with a kidney transplant for 11 years longer than it was supposed to last.

He dedicated his life and his passion is to helping other people with poor kidney health. With more than 15 years of experience in helping people support kidney health, these videos offer viewers an insider glimpse not found anywhere else.

Real science-based natural ways to support normal kidney function. From the different renal diets to kidney supplements and even which medications should be discussed with doctors, all of these topics help to make these videos truly special and unique.

Robert’s constant delivery to his YouTube channel Healthy Kidney Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their kidney health by taking modest measures that are easy to implement.

Kidney disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S. and approximately 90% of those with kidney disease don’t know they have it. Because of this, most people go into panic-mode when they find out about their kidney disease and have zero to little knowledge on all the things they can do to help support good kidney health.

Individuals recently diagnosed with kidney disease can feel overwhelmed and surf the internet for everything they can find to help support good kidney function.

However, the main problem with that is the lack of science-based research, credible sources, and personal experiences. Many self-proclaimed “kidney-gurus” on the internet gravitate towards selling courses and affiliated products for kidney health with no real-life experience. Most are not even real people or located in the United States.

With Healthy Kidney Inc.’s 200+ videos and hundreds of blog articles on their website, people with kidney issues can educate themselves on ways to support good kidney function for free with real, science-based ways to help.

Since 2006, Robert has accrued vast knowledge on supporting kidney health both naturally and with medications. Healthy Kidney Inc.’s videos are truly eye-opening and informative.

Robert, himself is a kidney disease survivor and walks viewers through the many things that can help support normal kidney function. All YouTube comments and questions are answered in a timely manner within 1-2 days.

About Healthy Kidney Inc.

Healthy Kidney Inc, and its founder, Robert Galarowicz’s mission is to provide little known information and products that can’t be found anywhere else to support kidney health. With over 15+ years’ experience helping hundreds of thousands of kidney health sufferers worldwide, Healthy Kidney Inc. is quickly becoming one of the foremost authorities on natural kidney support.

Healthy Kidney Inc youtube channel has around 5 videos uploaded every week, each one chock-full of knowledge and tips needed for good kidney function.

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