How Calm Experts Took to Heart the Evolution of Technology

That instant-peace-of-mind partner, take it from this team of experts.

“Technology is evolving faster than ever, and for some people, it can feel impossible to keep up with – especially in business,” says Calm Experts CEO Mendy Marcus. True to its name, Calm Experts guarantee is simple: calm, experienced developers and end-to-end strategic value to any business that needs it.

Many third-party companies have popped up in the last decades to offer businesses outsourced technological solutions such as mobile application development, including Calm Experts. Many, of course, hold the promise of quality apps built to add value to any business. What then makes Calm Experts unique?

Calm Experts value proposition is a two-in-one solution; one team for an app on two platforms – Android and iOS. “One Team. One Codebase. Any Platform.” It is simple, effective, and efficient. Calm Experts can get businesses on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store for the same price, using the same code and at the same time. No compromise, no glitchy gimmicky web apps, only native, and beautiful experiences.

Calm Experts uses Flutter, Google’s open-source UI software development toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices using a single codebase. In contrast to a native mobile development approach, Flutter and its competition React Native allow the creation of a single code base that works for both iOS and Android devices.

Apps that Calm Experts develop also promise to be dynamic, not restricting businesses to only mobile. Clients can convert their mobile app into a web and desktop app, saving them a tremendous amount of time and money. All these are especially attractive and helpful for small-scale businesses that are looking for cost-saving options. With less coding, apps can be released faster and on a smaller budget.

The landscape is quickly evolving. Years ago, in this very space, developers used only native mobile development frameworks using tried and tested codes. Today, tech giants have developed their own languages that make creating apps seamless and easy even a child can do. While many of these resources are open for anyone to us, the environment is volatile and businesses need to work with not just a supplier or an outsourced vendor, but a trusted partner that is agile, knows how to navigate around evolving technologies, and most importantly, one that loves what they do especially because they are good at it. Now that is an instant peace of mind.

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About Calm Experts

Calm Experts is a team that can plan, build, test, strategize, and launch at the highest level – a team businesses can count on. With broad web and mobile app expertise, Calm Experts ensures a streamlined, collaborative release cycle from end-to-end, and a launch that brings out the bubbly. That includes supporting deployment and responding to feedback post-launch to sustain the momentum generated by their software solutions.

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