“Which Way Is Detroit?” A Tell All Book on Real Estate Investmenting in Detroit

"Which Way Is Detroit?" A Tell All Book on Real Estate Investmenting in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan – So you want to buy real estate, makes a good investment, and populates your pockets with more money? Detroit Real Estate developer and author Herbert J. Strather has written the perfect resource book directed towards investing in Detroit real estate; “Which Way Is Detroit?” is written by Strather to combat the complicated infrastructure of buying investment property in Detroit, Michigan.

Herb Strather is a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian born and raised on the east side of Detroit. He’s done over $2.5 billion in real estate transactions, is the former chairman of MotorCity Casino, and is a member of the Detroit Economic Club there in Detroit.

“I’ve given my life to preserve the development of the city of Detroit,” Strather said. “I want to create a new generation of real estate developers,” he continued to say.

“Which Way Is Detroit?” gives a detailed analysis on what to buy, where to buy and how to buy real estate in the metropolitan areas of Detroit. Very few reference books of this nature will go into detail the way this publication does.

Go to: WWIDBook.com to order an immediate download of the audio version of this publication. You can also go to Amazon.com to order the paperback, Kindle, or hard copy of “Which Way Is Detroit?”

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