Eboost Ad Spy: See The Facebook Ads Of Any Brand Or Website

The free Chrome extension that lets you see anyone’s Facebook Ads.

The rise of Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands over the last 10 years has been propelled by a relentless focus on paid customer acquisition strategies, primarily via Facebook ads.

As competition has gotten more and more fierce in this space, many performance marketers have been looking for easy ways to do massive amounts of competitive intelligence, quickly.

Eboost Ad Spy has become the go-to tool to see what ads are working for the competition.

Since launching in 2019, this free Facebook ads Chrome extension now has more than 14,000 users and is quickly becoming a must-have tool to compete in the crowded DTC space.

To use Eboost Ad Spy, install the extension from the Chrome store, navigate to the website of a competitor brand, and click the extension to bring up their ads in the Facebook Ads library.

The extension also works with Facebook pages, by going to the brand’s Facebook page and clicking the extension in the same way.

This allows growth and performance marketers to see all the ads a brand is currently running, unlocking a goldmine of data and creative inspiration. By checking in regularly on a single brand, it can be deduced which ads are most effective based on how long they’ve been running, the level of engagement the ads are getting and a variety of other metrics available in Facebook Ads Library.

Eboost Ad Spy was created by the San Diego, CA digital marketing agency Eboost Consulting. The company has plans to launch a new version in Q3 2021 that will add the ability to open brand Facebook and Instagram pages from the Facebook Ads Library window with one click, allowing for further competitive intelligence research into brands’ organic strategies.

Learn more about Eboost Ad Spy here: https://www.eboostconsulting.com/eboost-ad-spy/

Download the extension from the Chrome Store for free here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/eboost-ad-spy/micnjbbjjfbffcjicglpgofplijaapfb?hl=en

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