A Must-Read Romance of 2021: Real Talk by H. M. Aguilar Chanchan

Author H. M. Aguilar Chanchan has announced the forthcoming release of Real Talk: Series 2, the second installment of her riveting romantic saga. Drawing upon a broad variety of influences, Aguilar Chanchan combines the dark psychological intricacy of The Silence of the Lambs with the daring tension of Outlander.

The Real Talk series follows protagonist Clara Presley, a debut author enjoying the good life after hitting it big—or at least that’s how it seems. But after a one-night stand with John Carrington, England’s most prominent talk show host, Clara is scheduled to appear on his show to promote her book. Clara ran out on him for her own reasons; Carrington is determined not to let her escape again.

In Real Talk: Series 2, Clara must confront the reverberating echoes of her past. Confronted with long-forgotten and painful decisions, she wonders whether the evil residing in the darkened alleys of Las Vegas will forever be a karmic debt she has to pay. Carrington, meanwhile, has come to view Clara as the keystone of his life. But as she conquers the demons in her past, he knows that there may come a time when she will not risk Hell simply to save him from a doom of his own making.

Readers praise Aguilar Chanchan’s elaborate descriptions, realistic banter, and relatable characters. By incorporating elements from other genres, the Real Talk series stands out from most contemporary romance as an entirely unique blend. A glowing review of Real Talk: Series Premiere describes this breakout novel as a “tale with a decidedly rom-com vibe [that] morphs at some point into psychological battle royale.”

Aguilar Chanchan draws upon her own experiences with behavioral disorders and a loving marriage to create realistic, relatable characters with believable flaws. Her attention to detail and expressive prose set her apart as an emerging powerhouse of the contemporary romance world. To her readers, the author only has one parting note: Stay safe, stay sane, and stay hungry for literature.

Real Talk: Series 2 was officially released on July 1, 2021. Both Real Talk: Series Premiere and Real Talk: Series 2 can be purchased on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

H. M. Aguilar Chanchan is a 35-year-old author and former federal employee of 10 years. She lives and writes in the historical city of Philadelphia with her husband and their cat Sinatra. She can be found online at hmaguilarchanchan.com, where readers can also sign up for her weekly newsletter to read about other indie authors, sign up for giveaways, or hear more about her daily life.

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