Kitchen home improvement knowledge: stainless steel sink size and product introduction

Stainless steel sink is our most commonly used type of sink. It is easy to clean and take care of, durable, and affordable. When installing a stainless steel sink in the kitchen, we must consider whether the size of the sink is appropriate, which requires us to have a general understanding of the size of the stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel sink classification

Stainless steel sinks are generally divided into three types: single tank, double tank, and three tanks. Of course, different models have different sizes, but in general the size of stainless steel sinks is relatively standard.

Stainless steel sink size

1. The general single-tank stainless steel sink is 60*45cm, and 50*40cm is relatively small;
2. The size of the double slot is generally 88*48cm, 81*47cm is more common;
3. Three-slots are generally 97*48cm and 103*50cm are more common.


The first point: the choice of kitchen tiles. In the choice of hue, we must consider the indoor light. Tips from Neijiang Decoration Network: For a space that is too bright or too dark, choose light-colored tiles to avoid light pollution and cause visual fatigue to people. Also, the kitchen is a place that is often exposed to water, so choose non-slip tiles to prevent people from falling when cooking or entering the kitchen.

The second point: the wall of the kitchen, etc. Tips from Neijiang Decoration Network: When choosing the top surface and wall surface of the kitchen, choose materials that are heat-resistant, fire-resistant and easy to clean. And in the choice of ceiling materials, waterproof materials should be used. This is not only beautiful, but also will not bring inconvenience to the future life of the kitchen.

The third point: the problem of oil fume in the kitchen. When decorating the home, a range hood will be installed. The height of the range hood when installed should be the same as the height of the user. Generally, the distance from the stovetop is no more than sixty centimeters. When installing, people are accustomed to installing the cabinet first, and then installing the range hood, which will cause some trouble.

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