“Psychedelic Spotlight” Website Visits Surge To Record Highs As Global Trac Solutions, Inc. Helps Pioneer The Medicinal Psychedelics Sector (OTC Pink: PSYC)

Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSYC) is helping to usher in a potentially transformative way patients get treated for a variety of medical conditions. In fact, they have created a website that puts its readers at the forefront of what could become the most prolific change in medical history-the emergence of medicinal psychedelics. And if you didn’t see it coming, consider this. The treatment market using psychedelic therapy is expected to be an almost $7 billion market opportunity within six years. And with Global Trac Solutions having created the go-to source for anything and everything about this emerging industry, PSYC investors could be a beneficiary of that growth. 

Best of all, its user growth is surging. Since launching its Psychedelic Spotlight website in 2020, monthly user and session growth has grown substantially, with a more than 25% jump in visits since last month alone. Better still, momentum is at its back, with PSYC announcing last week that it reached its highest monthly user totals ever. The reason? Psychedelic Spotlight is the industry’s go-to source for content intended to educate, analyze, and inform its audience about one of the hottest “for medical-use” sectors in the markets- medicinal psychedelics.

Notably, Psychedelic Spotlight isn’t trying to be nostalgic about the recreational use during the 60s and the 70s. Instead, through scholarly contributions, its platform promotes the potential benefits of psychedelic drugs as an alternative to highly addictive and often debilitating prescription drugs. And, if the medicinal psychedelic market grows as fast as CBD-based therapies did, psychedelics may be considered mainstream sooner rather than later. In fact, with a global effort to curb rampant opioid abuse, both patients and medical providers are looking for better and safer ways to treat their patients. And that search is gaining momentum.

In fact, alternative therapeutic options such as cannabis and psychedelics are staking their claim as the next best and “natural” therapeutic to treat an enormous number of mental and physical conditions. Of course, while information about the benefits of CBD is now abundant, that’s not yet the case for the psychedelics market. However, PSYC, through Psychedelic Spotlight, is on a mission to fill that void.

Moreover, as the most transparent, comprehensive, and inclusive site on the subject, investors, clients, and patients get an up-close look at why this sector is booming. Better still, with videos, news, and expert medical commentary and analysis, Psychedelic Spotlight is undoubtedly the leading and most comprehensive resource covering the advancements being made in the medicinal psychedelic space.

And from an investor’s perspective, the most excellent news is that PSYC and its flagship publication are getting noticed. Thus, at roughly $0.02 per share, investment consideration now is indeed a ground floor opportunity, especially when it entitles an investor to own a piece of an emerging multi-billion dollar sector. 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UOHhkOGrW8g

Making The Compelling Case 

Foremost, it’s important to understand that modern psychedelic treatments are in sharp contrast to how the drugs were used and potentially abused decades ago. In fact, PSYC takes the discussion in another direction, publishing content, opinion, and research about real-time discoveries in alternative medicines, notably medicinal psychedelics. The better news is that its content is not pure conjecture. They cite studies, interview medical professionals, and provide well-documented research to support claims made. 

Moreover, PSYC brings a resource that people are embracing. And whether people already understand psychedelics or are entirely new to the subject, Psychedelic Spotlight meets the needs of a curious public. Sure, there are barriers to break. But recalling the speed at which CBD went from taboo to mainstream shows that people’s will can change an industry. 

And with study data repeatedly showing that medicinal psychedelics can effectively treat depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, this therapeutic may get fast-tracked as well. Remember, just a few years ago, it seemed impossible for cannabis treatment to become globally prominent. But, today, there are countless uses for THC-free CBD products on the market. Thus, some would suggest that a precedent is set. Keep in mind, CBD had an extraordinarily high negative perception rate five years ago. However, those polls have shifted, with a majority of states now embracing the benefits of cannabis and CBD-based therapeutics. Many think medicinal psychedelics will follow that same path toward approval.

And with Psychedelic Spotlight providing an almost encyclopedic catalog of everything psychedelic, expect PSYC to be instrumental in accelerating that path forward. After all, with its Spotlight Roundup providing up-to-the-minute video reviews and updates, it’s likely that they will on the footnotes of regulatory briefings. 

Building Value Through Transparency And Trust

Better still, PSYC is in growth mode, which bodes well for investors. In fact, since its modest launch in 2020, its initial website presence has expanded into app-based and magazine formats, all staying true to its mission to deliver the most comprehensive coverage of the sector to its readers. Even better, Psychedelic Spotlight typically has the inside scoop and up-to-date information on companies advancing medicinal psychedelics through the FDA and regulatory pathways. Moreover, its focus on investment-related news and cutting-edge research about the industry keeps them steps ahead of the growing demand for information surrounding treatments.

From an investor’s perspective, the takeaway is simple. Psychedelic Spotlight’s growth likely translates into shareholder value for PSYC investors. And as the sector becomes more mainstream, expect PSYC’s valuation to grow in tandem with its platform.

Actually, value is already accruing.

Partnerships And Research Driven News

In fact, Psychedelic Spotlight is already leveraging partnerships with prominent researchers to strengthen its long-term value. Moreover, their connections with industry companies create mutual expansion opportunities that drive the growth for themselves and the industry. Already, PSYC’s investments into The Conscious Fund and a 15% ownership stake in PsycheDEV Inc. set the company up for potentially lucrative returns. Hence, its intrinsic value today could be worth substantially more than its current share price. That, in and of itself, makes PSYC a compelling investment consideration. Moreover, its investments could turn out to be windfalls.

For its part, The Conscious Fund focuses on compounds that show promising data to facilitate mental well-being in patients. Its research shows that using plant derivatives from ketamine, mushrooms, and MDMA can effectively treat a number of mental health issues. And with PSYC making that data available to millions of people, they may be able to respectfully influence a mindset receptive to alternative treatments. Further, the more attention brought to The Conscious Fund, the better. After all, growth there should also reward PSYC.

Its 15% ownership stake in PsycheDev is also impressive. PsycheDev is taking things a step further, conducting research using technology-driven treatment to complement medicinal psychedelic treatment. In addition, the company values intention, meditation, and other mindful habits that help users develop skills to apply in their everyday lives. PSYC’s joint venture with PsycheDev builds both companies’ technological prominence in mindful psychedelic treatment.

The best news is that both investments are win-win-win propositions. PSYC can make money, the investment partners can leverage PSYC’s platform, and PSYC investors should benefit from increased shareholder value as those investments post gains. Oh yeah, website and app users benefit too. They get the best, most timely information available. 

Psychedelics’ Place in Mental Health Awareness

Here’s where the deal gets better as an investor. Demand for natural, alternative treatments is surging as technological advancements create a streamlined ability to get products to market. And that is helping the medicinal psychedelic industry gain substantial development traction. 

In fact, while still under the radar, the medicinal psychedelic market is expected to reach over $6.85 billion by 2027, with several respected companies advancing research evaluating psilocybin and other psychedelic formulations to target numerous medical conditions.

A big target market is the growing percentage of adults suffering from depression and other mental disorders seeking a potentially better standard of care through psychedelic stimulation. Already, clinical trials have shown evidence that psilocybin treatments can have extraordinary effects on patients with depressive disorders. Better still, these treatments are being tested at a time when patients are looking for alternative therapies to combat the sometimes debilitating effects of prescription drugs. Data shows that psychedelic compounds may have the potential and ability to sidestep those physical drawbacks. 

Thus, as supportive research continues to accumulate, big pharma should worry beyond CBD-based therapeutics disrupting its cash-cow business- the psychedelic industry may take a substantial part of the market as well. 

Hence, finding an investment opportunity that leverages other companies’ opportunities may be the strategy to earn potentially exponential returns. And with PSYC invested in at least two so far, they may be the obvious first choice.

Psychedelic Spotlight Paves the Way for Future Exploration

The bottom line is this: From its board of professionals to its accessible resources, Global Trac’s Psychedelic Spotlight is a leading force in advancing the medicinal psychedelic movement. In fact, through its website, newsletter, app, and videos, PSYC is the absolute driving force that could help transform an entire treatment market. No, it’s not likely that psychedelics will entirely replace traditional chemical-filled drugs, but they can certainly take a multi-billion-dollar bite out of the market. And that’s not a bad start.

Keep in mind, too, even modern medical advocates are becoming more receptive to alternative therapeutic sources to treat mental disorders, especially depression and PTSD. In fact, some of these alternatives are already en route toward FDA approval. Expect more to follow.

What’s extremely important to recognize, whether one is for or against using medicinal psychedelics in treatment, is that psychedelic compounds may indeed have a place in medicine. And with more medical companies than ever researching their benefits for numerous conditions, learning about this new age of treatment is undoubtedly a wise consideration. After all, knowledge is power.

Most of all, with the psychedelic market here to stay, finding a company to align with now can deliver potentially massive rewards later. And with PSYC, through its Psychedelic Spotlight platform, offering a first-in-class and best-in-show platform, they may be the obvious choice. 


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