Ron Kaufman Ranked #1 In Global Gurus Top 30 Customer Service Professionals for 2021

The New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘Uplifting Service’ was Ranked #1 in the Category of Customer Service for the Fourth Consecutive Year

After leading the Global Gurus World Top 30 Customer Service Professionals for the last three years, Ron Kaufman has topped the list yet again in 2021. Based on a selective criteria, Global Gurus, a research and impact organization, announced the results earlier this year. 

A world-renowned service excellence expert, author, consultant, and keynote speaker, Ron Kaufman is currently based in Singapore. The Founder and Chairman of Uplifting Service, one of the world’s best customer service culture-building programs—accessible in 15 languages—Ron has made an impact with government agencies and multinational corporations on every continent including Google, Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Microsoft, and more. 

Author of the New York Times bestseller ‘Uplifting Service’, Ron has also published 14 other books on service, business, and inspiration. His white paper on ‘Engineering a Service Culture Transformation’ was the basis of a Harvard Business Review article titled “Revolutionizing Customer Service”.

In a video thanking everyone who voted him to the top spot again, Ron said, “I really wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I’m genuinely humbled and honored. At the same time, I’m redoubled in my enthusiasm and commitment to serve you.”

He also took the time to appreciate fellow thought leaders ranked by Global Gurus stating, “I want you to know there’s a whole global cascade of Gurus around the world, not only in the space of customer service but in leadership, sales, negotiation, coaching, and branding. Go to and you’ll find all of us there. All of us exist to serve you.”

Other top-ranked Global Gurus include Jack Canfield in the category of Motivational Speakers, Leadership thought leader Chester Elton, and Coaching guru Benda Bence. For more information on Ron Kaufman please visit his official website. You can view the complete list of Global Gurus Customer Service Professionals for 2021 at the Global Gurus website. 

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